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How New Solana (SOL) Saga Phone Boosts $7m Web3 iGaming Platform Meme Kombat at Cheap Price of $0.279

Wednesday, January 17th, 2023 – The forthcoming launch of a new Solana Saga phone is music to the ears of Web3 iGaming projects like Meme Kombat, as crypto-first hardware arrives to drive adoption.

Meme Kombat ($MK) is building a Web3 gaming platform like no other, where players can wager on battling meme characters. The project has raised $7 million in short order, at a raise rate that has quickened as the token closes in on its ICO hard cap target of $10 million.

Selling at the cheap price of $0.279 the ICO is in its last stage as it approaches the finishing line. The presale run rate has grown 2,500% over the past six weeks as news about the innovative iGaming platform spreads.

A new twist to the developing FOMO around Meme Kombat comes from the way the Solana Saga phone has caught the imagination, and what it could mean for the adoption of meme coin-focused projects like Meme Kombat that have strong use cases as Web3 gaming applications.

Holders of Solana ($SOL) have been buying $MK, according to blockchain data, as they seek out possible future synergies.

$6.9 million! NICE!

We are pushing closer to $7 million raised in the $MK presale and we couldn’t be happier! pic.twitter.com/A7hdOJ0j2p

— Meme Kombat (@Meme_Kombat) January 16, 2024

Solana Saga phone – will Meme Kombat be a beneficiary of a new wave of Web3 hardware partnerships?

Solana Mobile’s Saga Web3 phone initially took a while to catch on, until it was realized that it came loaded with valuable $BONK meme coin. Such is the new-found popularity of the Saga phone, it has become the subject of airdrops by other tokens.

Rumors of a second iteration of the phone in the works at a lower price point have now been confirmed to be true, and that could be an adoption driver for Web3 games projects such as Meme Kombat.

Meme Kombat is the only iGaming product that offers the chance to bet on battling meme characters. The ability to access the platform on a dedicated Web3-enabled device would be a breakthrough moment. Even though the Saga experiment is Solana-only for now, it points to a future path for growth that could see other projects and hardware vendors adopt similar approaches.

1/ Almost overnight, Solana Mobile’s Saga became the most rewarding experience on a phone, ever, and sold out.

You know that story. Now it’s time for the next part of the epic.https://t.co/nYR9apGGIT

Preorder #Chapter2 & spread the word to maximize your chance at rewards pic.twitter.com/tYZCBLWwHK

— Solana Mobile (@solanamobile) January 16, 2024

Although Solana is a competing blockchain to Ethereum, the unlikely success of its phone is inadvertently pioneering a more fruitful approach to selling crypto-first hardware. Previous crypto phones, such as the HTC Exodus, failed to catch on because they were too expensive, lacked user-friendly onboarding and were poorly marketed.

However, by preloading its Saga phone with $BONK tokens, the headline price of $1,000 became more manageable and today the phones are selling on the secondary market for north of $3,000.

$BONK – the token preloaded on the Saga phone – was launched on Christmas Day 2022 and is currently trading 56% below its all-time high but is up 14,948% from its all-time low.

The No.1 Solana meme coin is designed to bring liquidity to the blockchain and the dApps running on it.

Will stake-to-bet Meme Kombat become interoperable and seek out smartphone partners?

There is no indication as yet that the Meme Kombat team will be partnering with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the smartphone space, but the crypto industry could be at the beginning of a significant trend.

Clearly, bundling tokens with hardware works best when the tokens being bundled are increasing in value, but with the crypto market perhaps on the cusp of a broad bull market as bitcoin block reward halving approaches, smartphone tie-ups could, at minimum, become an effective marketing ploy.

Meme Kombat positions itself as a stake-to-bet system. It means players earn passive income rewards through staking but also have the chance to win by wagering on the outcome of the meme character battles.

There is literally nothing else like Meme Kombat on the market today, which is no doubt its core appeal to investors. However, the possibilities for future product development are open-ended, as the roadmap suggests.

According to the Meme Kombat website, “the project has plans for further expansion, potentially adding new game modes, partnerships, and other exciting developments.”

Don’t be too surprised if in the mix for its future plans is a smartphone through a partnership with a hardware vendor and the implementation of deep integration with the Ethereum blockchain upon which Meme Kombat runs. And who knows, the project could also port to Solana.

What you can expect from the next few weeks:

We’ll be doing a few kontests and live calls like “The Weekly Kombatant” and there will be a few nice ways to get a little bonus cash in your pocket pic.twitter.com/Vuf5NB0FAZ

— Meme Kombat (@Meme_Kombat) January 17, 2024

Ethereum as part of its ongoing upgrade to a full-blown proof of stake protocol, will eventually see gas fees for transactions lowered to make consumer-facing applications scalable, but with Layer 2s there is already a halfway house.

It could be that iGaming projects such as Meme Kombat decide to cover its bets by having a foot in both camps, with a bridge to make $MK interoperable between Solana and Ethereum.

$MK could become a turbocharged $BONK that, while not being entirely chain agnostic, may nevertheless one day be able to play not just on the biggest dApp chain (Ethereum) but also hedging its bets with a Solana version.

How Meme Kombat targets the hottest segments in crypto

Meme coins continue to attract traders seeking out strong alpha returns, but there’s increasingly more to meme coins than simply chasing short-term gains.

More and more, traders are homing in on projects with real-world use cases that can scale and deliver profits – Meme Kombat does exactly that. Essentially, the project targets two of the hottest segments in crypto: gaming and betting.

According to crypto data site CoinGecko, GameFi has a market cap of $20.7 billion while gambling tokens are valued at $698 million and growing. CoinGecko values the meme coins sector at an impressive $21.4 billion. Meme Kombat is perfectly positioned to pitch into this expanding total addressable market of $42.6 billion.

Meme Kombat’s Season 1 will be available after the presale is sold out and the project launched. There are 11 meme characters you can battle with in Season 1: Milady, Baby Doge, Doge, Floki, Kishu, Mong, Pepe, Pepe2, Shiba, Sponge and Wojak.

Season 2 meme characters will be out just before Season 1 wraps up. Will $BONK be among the Season 2 offerings?

Meme Kombat presale buyers can stake to earn 136% APY

And there is no need to wait for the platform to go live before putting your money to work with Meme Kombat ($MK). If you invest in the ICO today, you can immediately stake your token to earn an annual percentage yield that is currently sitting at 136%. So far rewards totalling 5.6 million $MK have been distributed to token stakers.

When the battling and betting system is turned on, stakers will be able to bet while earning APY at the same time. Even before the platform is fully up and running, staking is already proving to be popular, with 79% of sold $MK now staked (29 million). At the time of writing, there are now 9,357 stakers.

The prodigious level of staking provides buyers with the comfort of knowing that sell pressure will be dampened over the short term. Stakers must hold their tokens for a minimum of seven days after the launch of the coin.

$MK dynamic staking combines on-chain and off-chain transactions, so users only pay network fees when they stake and unstake their $MK while claiming rewards takes place off-chain, incurring no fees.

All staking interactions are logged in real-time, plus the staking system will be integrated with the game, allowing platform users to easily choose between staking tokens or using them for battles.

Why crypto experts are telling hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers to check out Meme Kombat before it sells out

YouTube crypto analysts have spotted the ripening opportunity that is Meme Kombat. Conor Kenny, provides his viewers with an in-depth review of the project. The channel has 178,00 subscribers. Conor is impressed that the project is doxxed – team leader Matt Whiteman’s profile can be viewed on LinkedIn for instance.

Austin Hilton tells his 244,000 subscribers to start getting busy with their research so as not to let this promising presale slip away as it is finishing soon.

Meanwhile Jacob Crypto Bury is predicting a possible 10x returns for early investors in the project meme coin gaming project.

Meme Kombat total token supply is 120,000,000, of which thirty percent is allocated for staking and battle rewards, 10% for community rewards, and 10% for decentralized exchange liquidity. Fifty percent of the total token supply is on sale in the ICO.

Prospective buyers will also be pleased to hear that Meme Kombat’s smart contract is fully security audited and no major issues have been detected.

Meme coins depend on the size and vibrancy of their communities to succeed. Regarding that, Meme Kombat amply demonstrates that it has the humor and engaging artwork to appeal to its target audience.

Ultimately though, Meme Kombat has the great advantage of appealing to all meme coin communities simultaneously. Whether you are into Pepe, Shiba Inu or Sponge, you will find them all represented in the first season of Meme Kombat battles.

Of course, meme coins are risky investments, but the risk-reward setup is potentially huge, even from the smallest of outlays. What’s more, as explained in this article, Memes Kombat narrows the risks considerably. Don’t let Meme Kombat be the one that got away – but do your own research.

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