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DogWifHat Holders are Migrating To a New AI Crypto ICO To Find 1998% ROI Tokens

Investors shift from DogWifHat to new AI crypto ICO Launchpad XYZ. Image by Kerem Goktug Kaya, DALL-E 3.

The crypto markets have seen renewed interest from investors looking to capitalize on potential gains in 2024’s anticipated bull run. This time, those taking profits from the most recent 278% pump of meme token DogWifHat (WIF) seem to be moving funds into a new AI crypto initial coin offering (ICO) called Launchpad XYZ.

The project has raised $2.5 million so far in its ICO for its LPX token, showcasing high amounts of anticipation for Launchpad’s AI-powered trading and analytics tools.

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AI Crypto ICO Causing FOMO Among Traders

Launchpad XYZ will use AI to rank and analyze crypto assets. The cornerstone will be its Launchpad Quotient feature which will examine over 400 data points to generate crypto scores. For many overwhelmed by the volatility inherent to crypto, Launchpad hopes to provide clarity on which assets merit further research for possible investment.

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Beyond just scoring cryptos, Launchpad XYZ will enable average traders to leverage trading strategies used by professionals. Its Trading Edge tool will showcase setups based on real-time events like news and social media chatter. By revealing approaches utilized by professional traders, the platform hopes to equip novice investors to make more informed decisions.

Beyond the AI-powered offerings, Launchpad will offer portfolio management, a decentralized exchange, gaming tools, and its own Metaverse. This broad scope has attracted the attention of expert crypto traders eager to follow the narratives of these type of new solutions.

Platform’s Versatility Draws Interest for 2024 Bull Run

Bullish experts such as Michael Wrubel believe Launchpad’s $LPX token could generate ROI in the 10-100x range as the project scales up. The growth of AI crypto overall, now over $8 billion in market capitalization, provides potential room for growth. With the presale ending soon, interested crypto investors may want to research quickly before LPX lists on exchanges.

Those committing funds to the presale also gain access to exclusive NFTs with perks like joining the popular VIP Telegram channel. The channel has yielded trading signals that led to 1000%+ gains for members.

As a new platform building products to onboard crypto’s next wave of users, Launchpad XYZ’s versatility and AI focus make it one to monitor. The presale’s strong interest highlights the demand for using technology to identify top crypto projects and manage portfolios.

With the presale wrapping up, the countdown is on for $LPX’s full launch in a week. The influx of new crypto investors looking for hidden gems could further boost Launchpad’s growth in 2024’s anticipated bull market.

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