WATCH: New conservative tech company inspired by swing state election losses aims to flip script on Democrats

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A new technology company called RallyRight, LLC recently launched a national roll-out of products it hopes will give conservative candidates a fundraising and voter turnout advantage in the upcoming 2024 elections and beyond.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, RallyRight founder and former Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler said her inspiration for the company stemmed from her run-off election loss in 2021, as well as her desire to flip the script on Democrats, who she said have ‘outmanned, outnumbered and outraised’ Republicans in other recent elections.

She hopes the roll-out of the company’s two major platforms, DonateRight and FieldRight, will help other conservatives in swing Senate seats and House districts avoid the multiple back-to-back losses they’ve experienced in Georgia.

‘I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and I’ve been a long-time GOP activist, so this really combines all my passions and, really, learning from 2020,’ Loeffler told Fox. ‘I thought to myself, we’re doing things in politics that we’d never do in business. So I vowed to fix it when I had the opportunity. And that’s what I’ve done.’

Her model was to first build up an organization like Greater Georgia — a non-profit she started in 2021 that aims to register more conservatives to vote — which she said ensured the proper advocacy, election integrity and grassroots support was in place. Then, RallyRight’s technology would ‘fortify the infrastructure’ needed to win up and down the ballot.

DonateRight is a payment technology platform designed to help candidates maximize their fundraising, and FieldRight is a gig economy app that helps campaigns enhance their voter outreach programs through advanced mapping algorithms, and canvassing contractor network matching.

‘For conservatives, it’s really designed from a cost efficiency perspective that it’s available for small campaigns, which are too often overlooked, and it’s feature rich and scalable for very large national campaigns,’ Loeffler said.

She said both platforms saw ‘tremendous early success’ when deployed on a smaller scale during the 2023 off-year election cycle, and helped a number of smaller, municipal and state-level candidates have the resources they needed to conduct fundraising, know where their persuadable voters were located, and even reach Spanish-speaking voters.

‘That’s the kind of flexibility you can have at a fraction of the price of a traditional doors program, and it can be stood up in a matter of a few days,’ she said.

Loeffler stressed the need for conservatives to shift from a defensive mindset to an offensive one, and that it would require being active in the field and meeting voters where they are.

‘Both of these products are designed to really break the left’s full court press, and that’s where we get back on offense, and we start scoring against them,’ she said.

When asked what impact she saw RallyRight having on the 2024 election and in the future, Loeffler argued that narrower margins of victory meant it was imperative to seize the controllable factors about a campaign’s performance, especially in the wake of a ‘two-tiered justice system playing out before our eyes.’

‘We have to have the funds. We have to have the resources. And what I did was design tools that put those resources in the hands of more campaigns to win more races up and down the ticket, because if we don’t push back on the left’s lead and technology, we’re going to get further and further behind, not just on fundraising, but on persuasion, advocacy and turnout,’ she said.

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