WATCH: Israel’s four-legged soldiers uncover Hamas tunnel in Gaza City

With the help of Israel’s specialized canine unit, Oketz, soldiers discovered and raided a tunnel built by Hamas terrorists in the southern part of Gaza City, an IDF spokesperson said on Friday.

Video released by the IDF in an X post Friday showed the military’s four-legged unit hard at work.

The video captured the dog, who was attached with a camera, trotting along the terror tunnel, which included an elaborate system of tunnels.

The tunnels included command and communication rooms, storage, hideouts, as well as water and electricity infrastructure.

Israel’s military said that the route was a ‘multi-level structure’ within the Palestinian city.

The IDF boasts one of the most cutting-edge fighting forces, having integrated artificial intelligence into many of its operations, but some tasks still require an old-school approach. This is where the Oketz unit makes its mark.

‘There are a few types of dogs used by the unit, some are confidential, most of them are types of [shepherds],’ an officer known as ‘Major A,’ an operative canine warfare school commander for the Oketz unit, told Fox News Digital.

‘They are used for three main reasons: tactical dogs that are used to identify enemies; explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) dogs for finding explosives and others; and search and rescue dogs that took a vital part in this war in Israel and Gaza,’ Major A said. 

Fox News Digital’s Peter Aitken contributed to this report.

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