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US President Joe Biden Sparks Crypto Speculation With Laser Eyes Avatar on X

US President Joe Biden’s laser-eyed post on his X and Instagram accounts late Sunday intrigued the crypto community.

The image posted was captioned: “Just like we drew it up.”

Biden’s post follows the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, winning their third title in five years. “Just like we drew it up” is something you often hear in sports, signaling that everything went according to plan and ended successfully.

Just like we drew it up. pic.twitter.com/9NBvc5nVZE

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) February 12, 2024

Intern Gaffe or Crypto Hint?

The confusion stemmed from the use of the laser eyes graphic. This graphic typically symbolizes support and excitement for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin during market upswings. It is also commonly linked with a feeling of camaraderie and collective identity within the crypto community.

Many online participants speculated that an intern might have been involved in Biden’s post.

“Gen Z social media manager for sure,” one user replied on Instagram.

Biden himself hasn’t directly expressed personal support for cryptocurrencies. However, his administration has initiated efforts to regulate and explore digital assets and central bank digital currencies.

yes, i know biden laser eyes isn’t about crypto. its coz he correctly predicted the chiefs win. but its still funny. someone tell his staffers they are promoting bitcoin by accident lol

— Daniel Got Hits (@danielgothits) February 12, 2024

Rep. Phillips Slams Biden and Trump’s Lack of Crypto Understanding

Hedge fund veteran Anthony Scaramucci recently encouraged the crypto community to rally behind Biden. He indicated the Democrat is a better bet than Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in the upcoming elections.

Yet, Representative Dean Phillips has blasted both Biden and Trump, stating that they are “absolutely not in positions to understand [crypto].”

“The two leading candidates right now, on both the left and the right, for the US presidency are absolutely not in positions to understand it, prepare us for it, anticipate it, and lead us into the next century,” he said. “Joe Biden and Donald Trump, at their age and stage of life, are simply not the right people to lead us forward.”

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