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Unstoppable and Push Protocol Launch Token-gated Group Chat + More Crypto News

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Unstoppable and Push Protocol Launch Token-gated Group Chat for Unstoppable Messaging
Circle and Tether in Crypto News Headlines
Bitget Launches Spot P2P Market to Support Early Investment


Unstoppable and Push Protocol Launch Token-gated Group Chat for Unstoppable Messaging

Domain and digital identity platform Unstoppable Domains, in partnership with Web3 communication network Push Protocol, has announced the launch of the token-gated Group Chat for Unstoppable Messaging.

The press release shared with Cryptonews describes it as “an innovative platform set to transform communication within organizations, communities, and other team-based groups.”

Unstoppable Messaging is designed for dynamic, fast-paced teams and communities where access to conversations should be controlled by blockchain events, it said.

Users can discover accessible group chats and collaborate using Push Protocol, a decentralized messaging technology.

“This capability is crucial for teams needing quick decision-making or maintaining records in rapidly changing situations.”

Group Chat also offers strong privacy, security, and user autonomy, the teams claimed.

It limits access to specific communities based on users’ immutable and verifiable blockchain records and tokens. This enables a private and decentralized means of communication between verified community members and project teams.

Therefore, it helps to hinder or eliminate the spread of misinformation and scams, including phishing, spam bots, project impersonation, social engineering-based attacks, etc.

Circle and Tether in Crypto News Headlines

Blockchain platform Swarm Markets’ co-founder Timo Lehes argued that “stablecoins work.” In an emailed comment, he stated that the stablecoin market has experienced setbacks similar to wider crypto, but “they still form one of the key technological bridges between traditional finance (TradFi) and the digital asset sector.”

The comment came in the context of the USDC issuer Circle filing for an initial public offering (IPO). He said that,

“If its application process is a success, it will present a major step forward for tokenized real-world asset (RWA) acceptance in the wider financial market. And this is just the first of many IPOs expected from blockchain-based companies this year.”

While Circle’s circulation is down in recent months, a stock market listing could provide a valuable bellwether for the market, Lehes said.

Meanwhile, Howard Lutnick, the CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, which currently serves as a custodian for Tether’s assets, has addressed speculation that USDT wasn’t backed by one-to-one reserves.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Lutnick said that,

“They have the money they say they have, I’ve seen a whole lot and the firm has seen whole a lot and they have the money. […] And so there has always been a lot of talk ‘Do they have it or not?’ and I’m here with you guys and I’m telling you we’ve seen it and they have it.”

He further commented that the stablecoin has been very useful in countries with volatile local currencies. They enable people to protect their assets. “Holding your dollar in a token is amazing,” Lutnick said.

Bitget Launches Spot P2P Market to Support Early Investment

Crypto exchange Bitget has announced the launch of a new trading product called the Spot P2P Market.

Per the press release,

“The instrument will allow users to get early access to tokens that have not been listed on major centralized exchanges.”

Bitget is the first major centralized exchange to launch the Spot P2P Market, it said. It features three tokens: DeFi project ORCA, BRC-20 token BTCS, and the Depin project DIMO, supported in the initial version. The new product will support more tokens in the future.

Users who have minted BRC-20 tokens via Bitget Wallet or other platforms can transfer the assets to Bitget for trading in the Spot P2P Market.

The measure will “provide necessary assistance for potential projects that do not fulfill the listing demands of centralized exchanges but are of interest to users in the market,” the exchange said.

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