UFORIKA ICO Will End Soon. Don’t Miss Hot FORA Token

UFORIKA ICO Will End Soon: Don’t Miss the Hot FORA Token

The new ICO project UFORIKA introduces a promising decentralized metaverse platform, offering players exciting products designed to reshape the gaming and virtual reality (VR) experience. The project’s highlight is the FORA token, which aims to revolutionize play-to-earn dynamics and immersive engagement.

UFORIKA’s Vision: A Decentralized Metaverse Revolution

UFORIKA emerges as a massively multiplayer open-world platform, focusing on empowering users within a 3D/VR-based ecosystem. Furthermore, born from a blend of creative and culturally inspired visions, it promotes true digital asset ownership rights and fosters the concept of an open metaverse, encouraging cross-platform collaboration.

Exclusive Experiences for Fortians

Users of UFORIKA referred to as Fortians, can look forward to exclusive experiences, including:

Access to virtual event content, such as VIP Event/Access passes.
Unique asset content is available only within the platform.

UFORIKA caters to a diverse audience, offering free-to-play experiences for various groups, including gamers, educators, builders, creators, retail enthusiasts, professionals, and fitness enthusiasts.

Engage and Earn: A New Mechanic Unveiled

Leveraging blockchain technology and tokenized economics, UFORIKA introduces an innovative mechanic – Engage and Earn. This approach invites users, brands, and organizations to reimagine play-to-earn dynamics, rewarding engagement.

Fortians on UFORIKA can earn FORA tokens through activities such as:

Competing in IKA HOVA Race battles and tournaments.
Buying and selling virtual planet real estate plots.
Leasing purchased planet real estate plots to other users.
Offering virtual real estate in an Air B&B style for “tourists.”
Benefiting from advertising revenue through ad stations across planet cities.


The UFORIKA ICO, which started on January 9th and will end on January 24th, 2024, is currently live. The FORA token, an ERC20 token, is priced at 1 FORA = 0.0037 USD. The fundraising goal is $675,000, but only 24% of the total token supply is available at this stage.

In conclusion, the UFORIKA ICO signifies a crucial step toward an innovative metaverse experience. With the introduction of FORA tokens, the project opens new avenues for play-to-earn dynamics and immersive engagement in a decentralized metaverse. Enthusiasts and investors should closely follow the developments as UFORIKA progresses in the digital landscape.

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