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‘UFC’ Token Goes Viral After Shooting Up 27,000% as New Doge-Themed Coin Attracts $4.3 Million

In the latest Solana meme coin pump, the new meme coin – Ultimeme Fighting Championship (UFC token) – has exploded +27,000%.

This article will provide an analysis of UFC’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative multi-chain meme coin, Dogeverse, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

Start with $UFC on solana

Ultimeme Fighting Championship awaits you.

CA – 2SS2EUeUNCs2KmtkyHK58fpiFK2US7LrvUtAVEF2yiwG pic.twitter.com/OnOih0rFcQ

— 04444.eth (@04444E) April 15, 2024

Ultimeme Fighting Championship was launched as part of a GameFi project that offers an interactive gaming experience connected with the $UFC token.

UFC Price Analysis: Can Latest Solana Meme Coin Sustain Skyrocket Move?

As price action consolidates following the aggressive move, Ultimeme Fighting Championship is currently trading at a market price of $0.0015 (representing a 24-hour change of +35,745%).

This comes after UFC launched at just 19:30 UTC on April 14, in an impressive launch that reeled in instant traction (no mean feat against a wider market drawdown!).

The dramatic DEX listing saw UFC climb an almost unimaginable +8,000,000% in just 1.5 hours—yet, in typical fashion, this was a too-good-to-be-true move.

Retracement set in almost as quickly as the pump, and over the subsequent hours, UFC price would sink by a troubling -82% amid a wholesale sell-off by early backers.

A well-defended support zone between $0.0005 and $0.0008 has now set the stage for a potential second run.

Indeed, with under 1,000 holders and a market cap under $500k, the UFC token could represent a strong entry at current levels, with as much as 10x gains still available to entrants at this stage.

Markets are clearly taking notice, with buy pressure now standing at 52% of transactions over the past 6-hours.

But while UFC price analysis might reveal that the UFC token is poised for a second rally, smart money investors are now shifting their attention to this new Omnichain meme coin.

Meet DOGEVERSE – the Multi-Chain Unification Of Dog-coins Across Crypto Markets

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE), is a new multi-chain dog-themed meme coin project with an active presale that has currently raised over $4,619,385 in just days.

The meme coin is deploying its highly anticipated presale across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Base, and Solana.

#Cosmo is buzzing with excitement this morning! #DOGEVERSE has reached another insane milestone!

Raising more than $4.5 million!

Have a great week everyone and let’s get our next goal of $5M! pic.twitter.com/JLGxocKaD1

— DogeVerse (@The_DogeVerse) April 15, 2024

The project’s developer said this approach democratizes access, and anyone can acquire the coin, turbocharging growth – becoming a force across the crypto market.

Looking at events in the market, the in-demand Dogeverse presale will likely reap massive benefits as more users flock, searching for potent meme coins.

Supporters claim Dogeverse could be the next BONK and BOME, securing a $1 billion market cap in the coming weeks.

Don’t miss out on the next pump – follow Dogeverse on X to get the latest news and connect with the presale community on Telegram.

Join The DOGEVERSE Presale Here

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