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The leader of Fantasy Rugby Oval3 chooses Bitget for its very first listing!

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Already recognized as a pioneer in gaming in the rugby sector, Oval3 continues its ambition to seamlessly merge the passion for rugby with the latest technological advancements of the digital era. The game offers players an immersive experience by allowing them to create virtual teams based on the real performances of rugby players on the blockchain.

Developed by BAMG Sport, renowned for its Web2 fantasy rugby game with over 55,000 active users, Oval3 has gained international acclaim. This is notably due to its association with the famous Antoine Dupont, captain of the French national rugby team and voted the world’s best player of the year. It’s also thanks to the momentum created by the Rugby World Cup 2023, held in France.

Oval3 has also distinguished itself through exclusive licenses with national rugby leagues in France and the United States, and is preparing to expand its influence to other major leagues. These strategic partnerships demonstrate Oval3’s determination to offer an authentic and captivating gaming experience.

The confidence and support enjoyed by Oval3 are highlighted by an impressive fundraising of $1.8 million from Intervalle Capital completed in June, as well as a successful private sale of $850,000.

Oval3’s marketplace, already bustling with over $500,000 generated in NFT sales and more than 10k users on the web3 game, demonstrates the economic potential and attractiveness of the game. This momentum illustrates the viability and appeal of Oval3 in the blockchain-based gaming sector.

The unique fan experiences organized by Oval3 in cities like Toulouse have also contributed to strengthening the bond between rugby enthusiasts and the digital world. Some people have had unforgettable moments thanks to these immersive user experiences that blend the real and virtual worlds.

The introduction of the $OVL3 token on Bitget and Uniswap is a significant milestone for Oval3, embodying its innovative vision and commitment to continually enriching the experience of rugby fans worldwide.

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