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Swapping Crypto Fast Made Easy With Exolix

The crypto market has become part of the global financial landscape, with investors looking to purchase digital assets on different exchanges. However, for investors who value their privacy, buying crypto without completing a form of identity verification process can be challenging, especially with global regulators tightening their oversight of the industry.

While the nascent sector is teeming with hundreds of projects that offer crypto trading and swapping services, very few platforms offer the necessary speed and convenience, and Exolix is one of them. The exchange seeks to promote the core principles of the blockchain industry, mainly privacy and decentralization. Let’s look at what this platform is about, how it operates, and some of its features.

About Exolix

Exolix is a secure, non-custodial crypto exchange that offers users access to many digital assets, allowing them to buy, trade, and swap cryptocurrencies seamlessly. Launched in 2018, the Estonia-based exchange currently provides its services to customers in different parts of the world, with more than 215 crypto assets on the platform.

Founded by a team of crypto experts, Exolix aims to streamline the exchange process, making it fast, easy, and secure for everyone. The platform features a user-friendly and intuitive interface, allowing beginners and expert crypto traders to complete their transactions quickly.

How Does it Work?

Exolix offers users the best swap prices in the market via its unique algorithm that compares all the prices available in the crypto market. Swapping digital assets on the platform is simple and easy, with transactions taking 5 to 30 minutes to process.

To exchange funds on Exolix, users simply have to enter their order details, including the crypto asset to swap, the amount, and the recipient’s wallet address. The platform will then generate a deposit address where users can send funds to complete the exchange.

Since the transaction process is transparent, users can view all the details in real-time. In case of any issues while completing the swap, the customer support team is always available to solve the problem.

Exolix Features

The exchange offers several features that make it a go-to for several traders. Let’s review some of them:

Complete Privacy

This is Exolix’s unique selling point. Exolix operates with the highest standards of confidentiality, which ensures that users can remain completely private while conducting transactions on the platform.

Exolix is one of the few crypto exchanges that does not require users to create an account before completing their transactions. Once users visit the website, they are immediately provided with a crypto wallet that allows them to conduct transactions without registering and verifying their identities on the platform.

Fixed Rates

The exchange offers users fixed exchange rates, which protects them from the unpredictable price changes expected in the crypto market. Once users initiate a transaction, Exolix allows them to complete it within an hour at a set rate, guaranteeing 100% accuracy.

Zero Limits

Unlike some exchanges that impose transaction limits on users, Exolix has no maximum deposit, withdrawal, or exchange limit. The platform allows users to securely exchange any amount of cryptocurrencies without fear of getting their accounts restricted.

This feature benefits large investors who want to quickly and securely swap or trade their crypto assets privately.


Since Exolix is a non-custodial exchange, users’ funds are not held on the platform, eliminating the risk of losing customer funds in a hack. The exchange also adopts some of the best security measures, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, to protect data communication on its platform.


Exolix maintains the highest form of transparency in the exchange process. The platform ensures that users can track every transaction stage, which fosters greater reliability.

Reliable Support

The platform has a 24/7 customer support system with highly qualified customer care agents who are always eager to answer users’ questions and provide assistance in any complex or controversial situation.

Affiliate Program

Exolix offers a robust affiliate program that allows existing users to earn passive income by bringing new users to the platform. Once users sign up as affiliates on the Exolix website, they receive a referral link to share with their audience.

The affiliate program not only allows users to earn money but also allows them to expand their reach. Affiliates can earn 0.5 to 2 percent of each successful transaction their referrals conduct. The rewards are paid out via BTC.


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