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Spot Bitcoin ETFs and Halving Mark Milestones – What Lies Ahead for Crypto?

Amid the whirlwind caused by the introduction of Spot Bitcoin ETFs and the looming Bitcoin halving, the cryptocurrency market remains abuzz with excitement and anticipation.

These recent developments have shaken the industry. But enthusiasts eagerly await the next catalysts to drive the ecosystem to new heights.

Just one day before the highly anticipated halving event, spot Bitcoin ETFs experienced a surge in popularity, coinciding with a rise in the underlying asset’s price. However, flows to these three-month-old products declined into negative territory earlier this week.

The halving, a phenomenon that occurs roughly every four years for Bitcoin, is expected to occur between April 19 and 20. It involves a planned reduction in the reward that companies receive for mining the cryptocurrency.

On Thursday, Deutsche Bank analysts said Bitcoin prices are unlikely to see significant increases following the halving. They argue that since the Bitcoin algorithm has already accounted for the halving event, its impact has already been priced into the market.

Ethereum Apps To Drive Sustainable Crypto Yields

Sunand Raghupathi, CEO of Seven Seas Capital, noted how Bitcoin and Ethereum have led the charge in attracting ETF interest. Now, other crypto services and products are grabbing attention too, not just from individuals but also from big institutions.

He mentioned that after these ETFs, the market might see more cool and sustainable ways for people and businesses to earn yield. This could mean using Ethereum apps to earn native rewards and tokenize all sorts of stuff, from real-world assets to stablecoins.

Tokenization involves the conversion of real-world assets into digital representations stored on a blockchain ledger.

“I think there are many, many applications on the Ethereum network that provide these sorts of yields, and their adoption will increasingly pick up,” he told Cryptonews.

Raghupathi pointed out that Ethereum is seen as the safest and most decentralized blockchain. And big players like BlackRock are already thinking about using Ethereum to tokenize all kinds of assets.

Crypto Games To Attract Diverse Player Base

Fueled by rising adoption of various crypto products across Asia, the market seems poised for further growth. Many Asian governments are also taking a proactive and supportive approach to the industry.

Rebecca Liao, CEO of Layer-1 protocol Saga, said this approach bodes well for the future. In line with this, she anticipates several catalysts emerging on the heels of the newly launched Bitcoin ETFs.

A potential catalyst, she suggests, could be breakthroughs in the realm of crypto gaming. With its massive player base, particularly in Asia, Liao believes the gaming world has the potential to become a major facet of the crypto industry.

“There’s been a tremendous amount of building of, and investment in, gaming products. It’s only a matter of time,” she said.

SocialFi Promises User-Centric Social Network

Institutional investors are also catching on to the wave that early adopters rode long ago. According to Tristan Bandoni, co-founder of League.Tech, this trend is paving the way for a key development: SocialFi.

SocialFi refers to creating blockchain-based alternatives to existing social media platforms.
According to Bandoni, the problems with current centralized platforms include users needing more financial reward for their engagement and their data is harvested for unclear purposes.

SocialFi projects aim to disrupt this model, empowering creators and users alike. Under this model, influencers are able to monetize their content directly, or users receive rewards for their activity. This shift in control and ownership is what excites Bandoni about the future of SocialFi.

“We’re still in the early stages of this as the industry works to offer features and incentives that meaningfully impact user growth beyond crypto natives, but I think we are closer to a breakout for SocialFi networks and usage than many think,” he said.

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