Speaker Johnson says it’s U.S.’s ‘biblical admonition’ to help Israel

Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., declared that it was the U.S.’s ‘biblical admonition’ to help and support Israel during a Monday night speech.

The House GOP leader was addressing an emergency meeting of Christians United For Israel, convened after Iran’s weekend missile attack on the Middle East American ally.

‘I’m going to state something that you all know – at this critical moment, the United States must show unwavering strength and support for Israel…We have to make certain that the entire world understands that Israel is not alone and God is going to bless the nation that blesses Israel,’ Johnson said. ‘We understand that that’s our role. It’s also our biblical admonition. This is something that’s an article of faith for us. It also happens to be great foreign policy.’

He spent much of his 15-minute address also laying into President Biden and other top Democrats who have been critical of Israel in its response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack. In particular, he singled out Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., for calling for new elections in Israel.

‘They’re trying to dictate strategy, then they’re trying to demand a change of leadership while Israel is in a battle for its very existence,’ Johnson said. ‘It’s breathtaking.’

He also criticized Biden’s foreign policy with respect to Iran, including reports the administration extended a sanctions waiver last month to pump more cash into its shaky economy. The waivers were first granted in November 2018.

‘It’s unconscionable. I can’t make sense of it. And I’ve talked to the White House about this. I do not understand the policy. You can’t make sense of it,’ Johnson said.

The speaker also said he confronted Schumer by phone after he called for new Israeli elections last month.

‘I called the senator and I said, ‘What are you doing?’ Johnson said. ‘What if I came out and made a statement and called for a regime change in Ukraine…your hair would be on fire.’

It came just after Johnson unveiled a new plan to fund Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan in a closed-door meeting with the House GOP conference.

Under his proposal the House would hold separate votes on each funding priority sometime at the end of this week, likely Friday, he told reporters after the meeting.

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