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Solana Price Prediction as Developer Activity Hits New High – A Bullish Signal for SOL?

The Solana price has dropped by 3% in the past 24 hours, slipping to $97.37 on a day when the wider crypto market has fallen by 0.5%.

SOL has now fallen by 10% in a week and by 14% in the past fortnight, yet the altcoin remains up by an impressive 41% in the last 30 days and by 500% in the past year.

Such figures come as a recent post from Solana has shown that development activity on its network reached an all-time high in 2023, highlighting the strong growth its ecosystem is enjoying.

And with the market expecting a Bitcoin ETF-related rally to arrive in the very near future, SOL could begin rising strongly again very soon.

Solana Price Prediction as Developer Activity Hits New High – A Bullish Signal for SOL?

Solana is currently in a mixed position, in that it could just as easily rise or fall again from here on out, judging by its indicators.

Its relative strength index (purple) has stalled around 50, after rising slightly over the previous couple of days.

Source: TradingView

Despite its struggles to regain momentum in the shorter term, SOL’s 30-day average (yellow) continues to rise beyond its 200-day average (blue).

In other words, SOL still remains within an expansionary phase, and may return to growth once its current dip has played out.

That SOL is still in a bullish period is highlighted by its 24-hour trading volume, which remains relatively high at $3 billion, compared to only $300 million back in October.

This show sustained interest in Solana, while it’s also encouraging that the coin’s support level (green) has risen consistently in recent months, implying that any falls are likely to be slight.

And as noted above, there are plenty of fundamental reasons as to why the Solana price is likely to continue rising in the medium- and long-term, with development activity on Solana reaching new heights last year.

3/ Developer retention has risen over 2023 and is now over 50%, showing the commitment of new developers building on Solana.

Developers building on Solana now more likely to still be in the ecosystem, making it easier to onboard larger amounts of developers in the future. pic.twitter.com/5nWtG7YZtO

— Solana (@solana) January 8, 2024

This is highly positive for Solana, since amidst all the hype and price increases, it shows that its blockchain network is actually growing in terms of usage and adoption.

The fact that SOL’s total value locked in rose by around 550% in 2023 is another sign of steady growth, so the Solana price could potentially reach $200 by the middle of the year.

New Altcoins for Big Rallies

SOL may be one of the most promising major tokens in the market right now, but it isn’t the only alt with high potential.

There are also a variety of strong presale tokens available at the moment, with some of these building up very good momentum as they progress towards listing.

One of the most interesting is Meme Kombat (MK), an ERC-20 meme token that also happens to double as a kind of social betting platform.

It has raised just over $6.5 million in its presale, which is due to end in the next few weeks.


LFG pic.twitter.com/0zqleQLPtw

— Meme Kombat (@Meme_Kombat) January 9, 2024

When Meme Kombat’s platform launches, it will enable users to bet on AI-generated battles between meme characters, with winners earning MK tokens as their rewards.

By using AI, Meme Kombat will randomize the outcomes of battles, while its use of the Ethereum blockchain means that results will be publicly visible and transparent.

Holders of MK will also be to stake the token, earning themselves a passive income in the process, in addition to any winnings.

Major Update

The Meme Kombat Staking Dashboard is officially live and ready to be used by you!

Take a break from Kombat and visit the staking dashboard here: https://t.co/nNFEYESjPs pic.twitter.com/yswl0esb4G

— Meme Kombat (@Meme_Kombat) November 9, 2023

That Meme Kombat could be very profitable for players is one reason why its presale has done so well, while its use of viral memes and playful community-led market is also certainly helping.

And while its sale is due to end soon, investors can still join the offering by visiting the Meme Kombat official website.

MK is currently available at $0.279 per token, a price which could end up seeming very cheap once the coin lists on trading platforms a little later in the year.

Visit Meme Kombat Now

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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