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Solana Meme Coin Smog Token Attracts Thousands to Airdrop, Buy And Stake Earns 42% APY

Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 – The latest addition to the Solana meme coin frenzy, Smog Token is going from strength to strength as thousands join its airdrop and its cross-platform social community surpasses 55,000. The 14-day-old coin sits on a price gain since launch of more than 4,000%.

There are now 9,200 airdrop members on Zealy eagerly indulging in various quests (tasks) to rack up XP points for the upcoming $SMOG airdrop. Thus far, 270,000 tasks have been completed.

New hot crypto property Zealy provides what it calls an ‘action layer’ to enable Web3 projects to provide gamified tasks to drive user engagement. Head over to Zealy, connect your wallet and verify your email address to get started.

There are multiple ways to earn airdrop points. Sign up for the Smog Token community socials, trade $SMOG, do daily, weekly and monthly quests, write bullish comments on CoinMarketCap, and a host of other activities by using your downtime for value-generating activities.

SMOG on Zealy: https://zealy.io/cw/smogtokenairdrop/questboard

Missed the Jupiter airdrop, got burnt by Starknet? Smog Token is here for you

Following in the footsteps of airdrops from the likes of Solana projects Jupiter Exchange and Pyth Network comes Smog Token. Jupiter allocated 40% of its token supply to airdrops; Smog is offering up a similarly generous 35% of supply for its airdrop, making it among the most generous distributions in the Solana ecosystem.

However, not all airdrops are created equal. Starknet distributed 728 million STRK tokens to 1.3 million Ethereum addresses in its recent airdrop, but there have been loud complaints about ‘provisioning’ not working as planned, with some allocations failing to appear in wallets, among other things. Post the airdrop, activity on the network has plummeted.

.@Starknet‘s active addresses plummeted by 71% post-airdrop. Is this a case of community discontent or just airdrop hunters moving on? @juampiaranovich reports https://t.co/2jH33NnhxS

— Laura Shin (@laurashin) February 19, 2024

But with Smog Token, which has already made a name for itself with its fair launch and flawless decentralized exchange listing, and the subsequent rollout of its Solana-Ethereum bridge, there’s every reason to expect the airdrop to be trouble-free.

Smog Token deployed tried and tested Wormhole technology using PortalBridge.com to bring its cross-chain platform into being. Portal Bridge boasts more than $1 billion in total value locked (TVL).

Furthermore, the Smog Token team is spreading the airdrop dragon love by targeting the wallets of high-value holders of other projects such as Bonk, Dogwifcoin, MYRO, and Samoyed coin, to the tune of $1,500.

Buy and stake today and get a 10% discount plus 42% APY, airdrop points and more price gains

$SMOG token holders are able to earn airdrop points by virtue of the size of their holding and how much they stake. Buy and stake $SMOG today over-the-counter (OTC) directly on the Smog website and you’ll receive a 10% discount, in addition to earning an annual percentage yield (APY) of 42% and a fat allocation of airdrop points.

Although $SMOG is a multichain coin that exists as both Solana and Ethereum-based versions, staking takes place with the ERC20 Ethereum-compliant version of the token.

Since its launch on 7th February, Smog Token has witnessed dramatic price appreciation. The price of $SMOG has jumped 4,163%.

Launching at a low price of $0.001419, the dragon-themed meme coin is currently valued at $0.06103. The diluted market cap based on the circulating supply of 770 million is $47 million, while the all-time high market cap topped $72 million on 16 February.

On an undiluted view, looking at market capitalization related to total supply, $SMOG is valued at $85 million.

Those market participants considering taking the opportunity of this period of price consolidation to enter the market will be encouraged by the volume profile (chart below). This indicator highlights the trading activity at specific price levels. It shows that just below the current price, there is pent-up buying demand, making the current price an ideal entry point.

Only two weeks old and $SMOG is clearly in the right place at the right time as the dragon-coin-of-choice for the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

According to DEXTools data, the Smog Token has attracted more than 25,000 holders, with liquidity in the Raydium pool surging to $1.38 million, making trading a seamless process.

The all-important X/Twitter following is also impressive – there are 27,400 followers of the fire-breathing project.

$SMOG One #Memecoin To Rule Them All

Buy or stake ERC-20 $SMOG tokens through our website for 42.0% APY.

Tokens staked are locked for 90 days, with rewards withdrawable throughout.

All tokens purchased through the site will be automatically staked.

Link in bio! pic.twitter.com/Y98lZcjuk6

— SMOG (@SMOGToken) February 10, 2024

This is how Smog Token works

Smog Token plans to transform the Solana meme coin space with its high-profile and lucrative airdrop campaign. Yet there is more to Smog than airdrops, as valuable as they are.

For example, the token’s utility also includes ‘The Dragon’s Court’, where token holders will enjoy exclusive access to a community of crypto experts.

This innovative idea centers on the mystery of a hidden community that will have the power to unlock explosive virality, by taking the gamification of the airdrop campaign experience to the next level.

The airdrop campaign will grow to include interactive adventure elements in which users buy and hold $SMOG to earn airdrop points. The team says there is more news on this coming soon.

In addition, $SMOG token holders qualify for a proportion of the community bounty that’s generated by the campaign, providing yet more incentive for $SMOG investors to ‘hodl’.

The fun and utility don’t end there. $SMOG intends to select a community of 10,000-plus so-called ‘Loyal Chosen’.

To join this illustrious yet enigmatic group, holders must be chosen and then complete a pledge to the ‘realm of Smog’ by completing various community initiation rites – again, incentivized by the promise of gargantuan airdrop rewards.

How to buy Smog Token

In order to participate in the Smog ecosystem, market participants must use a Solana-compatible wallet such as Phantom.

Then, using SOL, USDT, or BONK tokens, users can swap for SMOG via the Jupiter DEX aggregator or Birdeye. Alternatively, buy and stake $SMOG on the Ethereum network at the project website – smogtoken.com.

Join the Smog community on X (Twitter), Discord, and Telegram to keep up to date with the latest news and updates.

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