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Revolutionary eTukTuk Token Pre-Sale Skyrockets, Crossing $800,000 – Is This The Best New Crypto on the Market?

Revolutionary green crypto eTukTuk token’s presale is skyrocketing, having just crossed $800,000 in funds raised.

Investors have been piling into the sustainable transportation-focused web3 start-ups presale ahead of an imminent price rise.

$TUK tokens are currently available at a price of $0.02625.

But this price is set to jump when the presale hits $844,058 and enters its next stage.

eTukTuk is working on improving urban transportation in developing nations with electric vehicles and blockchain technology.

The protocol hopes to encourage TukTuk drivers to go electric so they can join and benefit from eTukTuk’s blockchain-powered charging network.

eTukTuk will debut in Sri Lanka and is supported by one of the island’s most important companies, Capital Maharaja Group.

First established over 90 years ago, CMG has a deep pedigree in supporting technological innovation in Sri Lanka.

While the major cryptocurrencies have struggled to maintain bullish momentum this month, eTukTuk token’s presale continues to attract excited investors.

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What is eTukTuk?

Given how small and cheap they are to run, TukTuks are a key mode of transport for developing nations.

However, TukTuks are notorious for their high levels of pollution.

For example, a tiny TukTuk typically has higher CO2 emissions than a conventional automobile.

This not only hurts city residents in developing countries like Sri Lanka, but also contributes to global warming.

eTukTuk was set up to spearhead a transition to electric TukTuks.

The project seeks to do so in three key ways.

Firstly, it will manufacture and distribute its own newly developed electric TukTuk.

Secondly, eTukTuk plans to build advanced electric vehicle charging networks across cities in developing countries.

Finally, eTukTuk will incorporate blockchain technology and a sharing economy model for security, efficiency, and scalability.

The platform also strives to offer digital identities and financial services, particularly to disadvantaged communities relying on TukTuks for transportation.

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eTukTuk Token Presale – Is This The Best New Crypto on the Market?

eTukTuk’s compelling real world use case is a key reason why TUK could be the best new crypto on the market.

But investors should also note the project’s strong early momentum, which suggests a high chance of delivering its vision.

As noted, the eTukTuk token presale has already attracted huge demand in a short time.

But eTukTuk has also been blowing up on social media.

Its X account has over 43,000 followers, its Discord has over 6,000 and its Telegram has over 11,500.

A key indicator that traders monitoring new cryptos and looking to turn a quick profit look for is the strength of a new project’s community.

And eTukTuk has that in abundance.

Perhaps its no surprise then that respected crypto analysts like Clinix Crypto and Michael Wrubel are bullish on TUK’s future.

While TUK has the potential to deliver 10x gains to early investors, it also offers a compelling passive income stream.

Early presale investors also get the option to stake their newly acquired tokens for yields as high as 272%.

Given its strong use case, backing, early momentum and high yields, TUK could easily be the best new crypto on the market.

eTukTuk’s token presale could be one of 2024’s best.

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