Rand Paul’s ‘Festivus Report’ exposes $900B in government squander

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FIRST ON FOX: Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Friday released his annual Christmas ‘Festivus’ report for the ninth year in a row, outlining $900 billion in government waste. 

Among notable instances, the National Institutes of Health allocated funds to study Russian cats on treadmills; photos of Barbies were utilized as identification to obtain COVID relief funds; the Department of Defense lost $169 million of outdoor-stored military gear; $6 million went towards tourism in Egypt by the United States Agency for International Development; and the Small Business Administration provided over $200 million to ‘struggling’ music artists such as Post Malone, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

Up from $30 trillion in debt in 2022, this year’s debt amounts to $34 trillion, the report also highlights. 

‘Who’s to blame for our crushing level of debt? Everybody,’ Paul wrote in the report. ‘This year, members of both parties in Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling, which empowered the government to borrow an unlimited amount of money until 2024. As Congress spends to reward its favored industries and pet projects, the American taxpayers are forced to pay the price through recordhigh inflation and crippling interest rates.’

He added: ‘The same big spenders teamed up, yet again, to continue sending Americans’ hard-earned money to foreign countries and funding endless wars, all while ignoring our porous southern border.’

Rand’s report highlighted government spending that included accepting Barbie doll photos to obtain COVID relief funds from a portion of an $800 billion allocation in Paycheck Protection Program funds. Other expenses highlighted were $659 billion for national debt interest, $33.2 million for transgender monkey research, $6 million for boosting Egyptian tourism and an unknown cost for USDA’s dog-walking research in summer. 

‘Researchers found the Labradors’ fur color did not affect their body temperatures after a hot summer’s walk. That’s it. That’s the taxpayerfunded, cutting-edge study,’ Paul wrote. ‘The Agricultural Research Service at the USDA, which funded the study at Southern Illinois University, gets $1.7 billion a year from Congress, but it’s unknown how much the hot dog study cost the taxpayer.’

Under Dr. Fauci’s leadership, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) funded a study using $477,121 to force-feminize male rhesus macaques in a Florida lab, the report found. The experiment involved administering female hormones to these male monkeys to investigate potential vulnerabilities to HIV, even though critics argue monkeys are not susceptible to HIV. 

‘The lab worked to make male lab monkeys ‘transgender’ to address ‘social injustices’ suffered by ‘transgender persons’ such as ‘transgender women (TGW)-individuals who were assigned a male sex at birth but express their gender along a female spectrum,” the report read. 

Justin Goodman, Senior Vice President of the White Coat Waste Project, a watchdog group advocating for the suspension of taxpayer-funded animal testing, told Fox News Digital in a statement that ‘a growing majority of taxpayers — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike — oppose Uncle Sam’s wasteful, dangerous, and cruel animal experiments at home and abroad and don’t want to be forced to pay billions for these boondoggles.’ 

Paul cited White Coat Waste Project’s findings for the Russian cat lab, Fauci’s monkey island and others throughout the Festivus report. 

Additionally, there were undisclosed expenses for training Department of Homeland Security employees; studying Russian cats on treadmills and meth-head monkeys from a portion of $2.7 million; creating graphic novels on disinformation; and exploring COVID-19 ‘misinformation’ in black and rural communities totaling $3.8 million. 

Costs for ruining military equipment totaled $169 million, while expenses for entertainment and studies involving gambling monkeys, transgender monkeys and improper federal payments accumulated to $236 billion.

The Congressional Budget Office forecasts a staggering increase in national debt, estimating an average addition of $2 trillion annually for the coming decade. This translates to over $5 billion in debt daily over the next 10 years. 

‘As always, taking the path to fiscal responsibility is often a lonely journey, but, as I’ve done in years past, I will continue my fight against government waste this holiday season,’ Paul wrote. 

Last year, Paul’s report broke down $482 billion in wasteful spending, from the billions spent giving COVID relief funds to ineligible people to a $118,000 study on whether Marvel movie villain Thanos would really be able to snap his fingers while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet.

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