PI Coin Price in India: Get The Up-to-Date Overview

Current PI Coin Price in India: Comprehensive Updates and Overview

Key Takeaways:

Unique Mining Method: Pi Coin in India can be mined using just a smartphone, making it accessible and cost-effective.
Current Status: It’s is currently unlisted on exchanges and holds no real value until phase 3 of its roadmap is launched.
Future Plans: Users will be able to exchange these coins for other currencies once the main net launches, with no formal launch date announced.
Caution Advised: PI Network advises against using third-party exchanges and aggregators to avoid potential losses during the enclosed mainnet period.

Have you ever wondered what the PI Coin Price in India is now? Would you like to be up-to-date with all the crucial information regarding this famous digital asset?

Whether you’re a beginner Forex trader or just stepped into this dynamic market, being in touch with the latest information could only benefit your trading success. 

What’s interesting to note in the first place is that the PI Coin is extraordinarily unique for several things. Let’s get more information about this.

Why is the PI Coin in India so remarkable?

First of all, it represents the pioneering digital currency that professional traders are able to mine using just their phones. 

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, India’s coin mining process quickly became cost-effective and a rewarding and hassle-free experience. Although PI is notably unique and distinctive, it is not available on any trading platforms at this time.

Mining – as the only method

However, mining is the only method for those interested in acquiring a Pi coin. The main reason for that is that it hasn’t been listed on any Indian or international cryptocurrency exchanges.

So, before we get all the PI Cryptocurrency prices in India, let’s learn more about PI coins as crypto assets, shall we?

What is Pi Coin exactly?

Pi coin refers to a special kind of cryptocurrency that traders are able to mine from your smartphone without expensive hardware. The social group is responsible for managing this which is n its second testing phase, with a full launch expected in phase three. 

The Pi network uses a “stellar consensus protocol” to reward user contributions. Pi can only be obtained through mining and is not listed on exchanges. 

How to mine PI coin like a professional?

Users mine Pi by pressing a button on the app, without exaggeration, each 24 hours and using a referral code to become a member of. The platform offers extra earnings through a referral system.

This app was established back in 2018. As the user base grew to ten million, its rate decreasing from 1.6 Pi to 0.2 Pi per h.  

In September 2022, the Network presented “Pi Bridge”. The primary reason for that was getting in touch with other diverse blockchains such as:

Binance Smart Chain.

With the successful connection to these blockchains, the network has managed to enable fast and free-of-charge data transfer.

Pi Coin Price in India – Explained

Regarding the PI Coin price in India, it’s crucial to note that the actual value of the Pi coin is essentially zero. That means without historical performance data since it has not established on any available platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

As of May 2, 2024, the pi network price in India remained at the $41.97 (PI/USD) level, which is roughly INR 3,414. 

The market capitalization is $0, and the circulating supply is 0. This is primarily because the Pi network has not revealed the quantity of circulating coins.

Current Mining and Future Plans

The Pi network, in this case, allows individuals to successfully mine cryptocurrency with available distributed ledger technology with a solid incentive structure. Nonetheless, miners are rewarded with a Pi coin, which currently holds no value.

If we take into account the famous Pi Network’s website, we can see that individual users worldwide can withdraw or exchange Pi coins for other currencies in the third phase of its roadmap when the mainnet goes live.

Keep in mind that there isn’t any official launch date declared at that point.

The company has stated that Pi is currently in a closed network and is not authorized for listing or trading on any exchange. Pi Network also stressed that it had no involvement in any purported postings or listings.

Pi Bridge

In September 2022, the Pi Network introduced “Pi Bridge” to connect with other blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. This allows for fast and free data transfer between the networks.

Statistics and Predictions of the Indian PI Coin 

Those who are interested in the current price and the PI Coin price prediction in the near future should know the following information:

Pi coin price in india today: 3060.92 INR As of June 21, 2024.
Market cap: $0
Total Supply of Pi: 100.00B
Pi Price prediction for 2025: Estimated at $ 36.32
Pi coin’s expected price in 2030: Between $ 86.44 on the lower end and $ 140.15 on the high end. 
24-Hour Trading Vol: ₹49,317,813Circulating Maximum Supply 

How to effectively Buy Pi Network Coins in India?

If you’ve been wondering, besides the Pi Coin Price in India, how to get Pi Tokens, you should know the following:

Although India has strict cryptocurrency rules, you can still obtain Pi coins. They can only be exchanged once the third phase of the Pi Network launches, which is expected soon.

To earn Pi coins in India, follow this simple step-by-step guide:

Download the Pi Network app either from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store
Mine them utilizing your smartphone. Store your Pi coins in a digital wallet, which can also track your transactions.

Using regular money

You’re able to use regular money, such as INR, to successfully purchase Pi coins and store them in your wallet. The Pi Network website allows users to quickly earn and transfer Pi coins utilizing the wallet’s username of their coin.

Advising against third-party aggregators

Pi Network advises against using external intermediaries or cryptocurrency platforms to avoid losses. Transactions involving Pi are prohibited via trading platforms during the restricted mainnet phase.

Currently, Pi is in the testing phase, so exchanging it isn’t possible. In phase 3, users will be able to either convey or withdraw their coins. 

After phase 3, holders of these coin will be in 100% control over the wallet keys that they posses. Besides that, they’ll be able to use these coins to purchase particular commodities and services in the peer-to-peer marketplace.

Bottom line

This is just information regarding India’s famous Pi Coin price and other crucial statistics and predictions. Remember, to be up to date with the latest info, follow the live exchanges that support this coin daily. 

Please note that before any investment in this digital asset or any other cryptocurrency, it is important to consult with professionals and get excellent investment advice and technical analysis.

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