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Pepe Coin Holders Migrating To Latest AI Crypto ICO Built For Traders To Hunt 1456% ROI Tokens

PEPE investors are migrating to new crypto ICO Launchpad XYZ which uses AI to analyze digital assets and predict prices. Image by Khunkorn Laowisit, Vecteezy.

The meme coin PEPE’s price has seen heavy selling pressure recently as large investors are unloading their holdings. PEPE reserves on exchanges climbed to 40.59% of the total supply last week, reaching the highest level in two months according to on-chain data from Santiment.

Last Friday, an anonymous Pepe whale moved two trillion tokens to Binance in a transaction widely interpreted as preparation for profit-taking. This massive transfer fueled speculation that Pepe’s price decline may continue as more large holders seek exits. The meme coin has already declined greatly from its all-time highs last year.

Now, investors who sold PEPE are likely joining Launchpad XYZ’s crypto ICO as it has so far managed to raise $2.5 million for its native token $LPX.

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Launchpad XYZ Appeals to Traders With AI-Powered Offerings

As PEPE investors look for new options to rotate their holdings into, Launchpad XYZ’s timing and capabilities are set to continue capturing their attention. The project will use AI to provide actionable insights that simplify cryptocurrency and NFT trading.

Time’s ticking, and there are just 8 days left in the #LaunchpadXYZ presale.

Don’t wait any longer to become a part of the #Web3 future.

Hurry before it’s too late! #Crypto #Blockchain #Altcoins pic.twitter.com/HCwLBBRGq8

— Launchpad.xyz (@launchpadlpx) January 16, 2024

The flagship Launchpad Quotient (LPQ) tool that’s part of the platform will analyze and rank digital assets based on 400 data points. For crypto investors overwhelmed by volatility, Launchpad promises easy-to-use guidance on trades.

Additionally, the Trading Edge feature will allow users to examine setups based on real-time news, social chatter, and other catalysts driving price action. By revealing techniques used by professional traders, Launchpad intends to onboard newcomers to crypto investing.

Beyond powerful analytics, Launchpad XYZ also plans to offer portfolio management, a decentralized exchange, gaming applications, and a Metaverse engine.

LPX Crypto ICO Sees High Demand

Given the capabilities and timing, experts such as Michael Wrubel predict a huge upside of 10-100x for Launchpad’s native LPX token. The project’s crypto ICO is in its final nine days, after which the token will be tradable on decentralized exchanges.

The recent explosion of interest in AI crypto tokens, now representing $8.7 billion in market capitalization, also points to tailwinds for Launchpad.

Those participating in the crypto presale can unlock exclusive NFTs with perks like access to the project’s VIP Telegram channel. The group has already yielded multiple 1000%+ gain alerts for members.

As Launchpad XYZ  is getting ready to wrap up a well-received crypto ICO, the market will be watching the launch of LPX trading later this month. The versatile platform strives to be the gateway for Web3’s next wave of users. For PEPE holders and crypto investors searching for opportunities, it presents an intriguing new option.

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