Newt Gingrich: Democrats won’t rest until Trump is ‘in chains,’ but ‘explosion of outrage’ is more likely

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told an audience at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library that Democratic Party leaders will not rest until former President Donald Trump is in jail.

Gingrich speculated that Trump’s political opponents’ main goal is to prevent the former president from standing in the upcoming presidential election due to President Biden’s poor approval ratings.

‘Their goal is to put him in jail. Literally. I mean, if they can get to the right place, they will have him in chains,’ Gingrich told the audience in Simi Valley, California, on Wednesday.

He continued, ‘And their hope is that if the American people see this guy in chains, they won’t vote for him.’

However, Gingrich suggested that the overzealous effort to remove Trump as a candidate could prove the ultimate undoing of the officials seeking to imprison him.

‘Now, what’s happening, of course, is because they’ve gone to overkill — I mean, you get to do one of these. But, you do three or four or five of them — people get the joke.’

The former house speaker said that the repeated failures have only served to bolster Trump as the election draws closer, and that Democrats can expect an ‘explosion of outrage’ if the latest bids to put Trump in prison succeed.

‘What they’re likely to have, I think, is an explosion of outrage across the whole country on a scale we have not seen in our lifetime, because people are going to just say, ‘This whole thing is rigged,’’ Gingrich said.

He added, ‘It’s absurd, but the danger is that they have the power of the government.’

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