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New Trump Campaign Coin Goes Viral on Solana, Funds Shift to Dogeverse

A new Trump campaign coin has surged today after listing on Uniswap, becoming the latest in a long line of Trump-related tokens to piggyback on publicity from this year’s US election.

Imaginatively named Boost Trump Campaign (BTC), the new token has gained by over 30,000% since listing yesterday.

However, the coin has actually declined by 66% since reaching a peak of $0.0000218 in the early hours of the morning.

Traders may therefore be better off looking at new meme tokens with stronger fundamentals, with Dogeverse’s presale suggesting that it could be one of the big new launches of the year.

New Trump Campaign Coin Goes Viral

While Boost Trump Campaign coin has fallen since reaching its current high, it’s worth pointing out that its data looks a little more encouraging than we’ve found with many other junk meme tokens this year.

For one, its trading volume has completely fallen away since the aforementioned peak, and currently stands at $15 million.

Source: DEXTools/TradingView

This is pretty good for a token that launched a day ago and that has pretty much no backing or presence, with the coin also having over 2,000 holders at last count.

This is hardly an awe-inspiring number, yet it’s distinctively healthier than what we’ve witnessed with other meme tokens.

Boost Trump Campaign therefore has a comparatively better chance of enjoying a rebound in the coming hours and days, even if it would be a stretch to say this is likely.

Boost Trump Campaign is on $BTC #trumphttps://t.co/ZbfOcQZ7cR

— Eye Of The Tiger (@tigereyes49) May 27, 2024

It has received a modest amount of attention online, although there’s always a big chance that this is from bag holders rather than dispassionate observers who may happen to think the coin has real prospects.

Based on its slight online presence, it could see a rebound in the near term, yet the likelihood remains that, without further listings or strong growth in support, it will enter a terminal decline sooner or later.

Funds Shift to Dogeverse

Boost Trump Campaign is one of several Trump-related meme coins in the market right now, and the sheer throwaway abundance of such coins casts them all into doubt.

However, there are more promising and fundamentally stronger meme tokens in the market, with several of these holding presales and gaining momentum as they prepare to list.

At the top of any list of such coins is Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE), a multi-chain cryptocurrency that has attracted over $15 million in investment during its presale.

Source: Dogeverse

What’s interesting about Dogeverse is that it will be the market’s first Doge-themed multi-chain cryptocurrency, running on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche and Base.

Its existence on multiple networks means it could attract usage and adoption on a much scale than it would have as a single-chain token.

As such, the greater demand it will experience should help push its price up over time.

This will find help from the fact that DOGEVERSE is a deflationary meme coin, with its supply capped to 120 million tokens.

On top of this, holders will be able to stake the coin for passive rewards, meaning that a big chunk of its supply will not circulate.

Such features have helped Dogeverse to raise more than $15 million in only a month or so, with the coin looking ready to do great things.

One sign of its potential also comes from its social media, with the coin boasting more than 22,000 followers on X.

New investors can join its token offering by going to the official Dogeverse website, where they can buy DOGEVERSE at a final presale price of $0.00031.

The coin is likely to surge well beyond this price when it lists in the next month or so, potentially making it early investors a nice profit.


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