Lara Trump predicts US won’t be ‘the same country’ if GOP voters don’t rally behind Trump to defeat Biden

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MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Former President Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump on Tuesday said she believes skeptical GOP voters will coalesce around the former president in November and said former Ambassador Nikki Haley’s path to the nomination is essentially ‘impossible.’

‘I think so I don’t see any world in which someone who loves this country, who wants to see this country succeed again, who wants to see people basically return to a time when they could achieve their American dream, I don’t see any of those people ever voting for Joe Biden,’ Trump told Fox News Digital in New Hampshire Tuesday when asked if she thinks Republicans who didn’t support Trump in the primary will support him in November.

We know, of any candidate who has been running in this election for president of the United States, there is only one who has done it successfully, It’s Donald Trump and maybe you don’t like every tweet, maybe you don’t like his personality at times, but he kept us safe,’ Trump continued. ‘He kept us strong. He made people prosperous. He really reinvigorated the American spirit and, man, do we need that now more than ever. I don’t see anyone who really considers himself someone who loves this country ever voting for Joe Biden.’

Lara Trump spoke to Fox News Digital hours before Trump’s record third New Hampshire primary victory and talked about Haley’s chances of winning in South Carolina next month.

Polling for Nikki Haley does not indicate that she would likely win her home state,’ Trump said. ‘I think you look at New Hampshire, you have Nevada coming up as well, she’s not even registered right now for the caucuses there. That’s the only way you actually earn delegates from the votes there.’ 

‘So I think the path to victory seems small, if not negligible and impossible for her at this point. Politically, I don’t know that it would be the greatest move for her to stay in this election.’

Trump added, ‘The reality is we have to target our enemy. The enemy is Joe Biden. We have to take back the White House. We want to take back the Senate. We want more folks in the House from the Republican side of the aisle because we really do have a country to save at this point. I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to say that if Joe Biden wins this election in 2024, I don’t believe we will have the same country after another term of Joe Biden as president that we started with when Donald Trump left office.’

If disgruntled Republicans do unite behind former President Trump in November, Lara Trump told Fox News Digital that Biden is handing a victory to Republicans by doing a ‘masterful’ job campaigning for them with his unpopular policies. 

‘That’s not to say that we don’t have our work cut out for us,’ Trump said. ‘We know that we deal majorly with a hostile mainstream media who does not like Donald Trump, certainly, and is always in the pocket of the liberals, who are basically the marketing arm for the Democrat Party at this point. 

‘We’re up against a lot and we take nothing for granted so I do think we’re going to have to work. But man, when it comes to Joe Biden, he certainly has served it up to us on a silver platter.’

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