Iowa caucuses: Fox News Voter Analysis provides big insight into GOP race

It’s caucus night in Iowa and our Fox News Voter Analysis has been asking likely Republican caucusgoers in the state – more than 1,500 of them – whom they are supporting and why.

Conducted along with our partners The Associated Press and NORC at the University of Chicago, Fox News will be using this innovative election survey approach throughout the 2024 primary season.

On a personal level, what do Iowa Republicans think about their family’s financial situation? Like we’ve seen in national polling, Iowans say they’re in bad shape financially. Just about one in 10 say they’re getting ahead, while three times that say they are falling behind. A majority say they’re holding steady. 

In Iowa, we’ll also be looking at questions such as who was able to motivate first-time caucusgoers to head out into the cold weather and give up a few hours on their Monday evening? Are GOP caucus attendees interested in a candidate who has good policy ideas? One who is a strong leader? What about defeating President Biden in the fall – is that what Iowa Republicans care about most of all? 

We’ll also be diving into the most important issues facing the country. Is it the economy? Abortion? Immigration?

And will Republicans come together and support their nominee in November, or are we looking at a chance that the party will split?

All that and more is on deck. The survey questionnaire and results will be posted on after 8:00 p.m. ET, and keep checking back here for more news and analysis of the results.

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