How to Invest in Neuralink: A Future of Neuroscience

How to Invest in Neuralink: A Future of Neuroscience

Key Takeaways:

Neuralink’s Promise: Founded by Elon Musk, Neuralink pioneers brain-computer technology, shaping the future of neuroscience.

Investment Caution: Despite the potential, investing in Neuralink carries speculative risks that warrant careful consideration.

Alternative Avenues: Explore investment in related companies or await Neuralink’s potential IPO for investment opportunities.

FDA Inspection Concerns: Recent FDA inspections at Neuralink raised quality control issues, emphasizing the need for cautious investment decisions.

If you’re also one of those enthusiastic investors wondering how to invest in Neuralink, here’s an interesting story about it! Experts say Neuralink, founded by Elon Musk, is a great opportunity for the future.

For that reason, it’s clear why investors naturally find Neuralink shares intriguing. First, let’s learn about Neuralink before investing and see is it possible to invest in it yet!
Let’s gather basic information about this successful startup, shall we?

Understanding Neuralink startup

Neuralink, a company that makes healthcare equipment for the brain, is making big progress in brain-computer technology investment from the Founders Fund, it’s leading the way in brain implants. It was founded by Elon Musk in 2016 and has been privately held since then. 

Its recent IPO announcement in August 2023 has garnered attention, especially regarding human trials and potential stock prices.

Upon insertion into the brain, the brain-computer interface device interprets signals for computer use through “electrophysiological recording.” While this concept isn’t novel, previous attempts by other companies have varied in success. 

Neuralink’s Innovations and Investment Potential

However, Neuralink’s innovative design choices hold promise for enhancing this technology, which could have profound implications.

SpaceX may separate its Starlink satellite internet business for an IPO, but this likely won’t happen until 2025.

Experts say Neuralink, founded by Elon Musk, is a great opportunity for the future.

Is Neuralink publicly traded?

Neuralink has yet to be publicly traded. Unlike public companies, it hasn’t offered shares to regular investors through an IPO or direct listing. 

It’s a private company with ownership shares held by founders and private investors. 

When might Neuralink have its IPO?

As of December 2023, there’s yet to be an official word on when Neuralink might go public, so it needs to be added to the IPO schedule. 

SpaceX, another company owned by Musk, is worth about $150 billion and has yet to go public. It’s unlikely that Neuralink, Musk’s other company, will go public anytime soon. 

In its latest funding round, Neuralink is smaller, valued at approximately $2 billion. SpaceX would likely go public before Neuralink due to its larger size. Since there are no plans for SpaceX to go public yet, it’s safe to assume the same for Neuralink. 

Potential Timeline for Neuralink IPO and Its Significance in BCI Technology

Speculation suggests that SpaceX might spin out its Starlink satellite internet business for an IPO, but experts anticipate this happening in 2025. This suggests a Neuralink IPO might still be several years away. 

When Neuralink decides to become a publicly traded company, it will first file paperwork with the SEC. This will give investors, including accredited investors, a heads-up before it happens. 

This IPO could interest those following developments in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, especially given Neuralink’s focus on addressing neurological disorders and its progress towards being approved for human trials.

How to invest in Neuralink stock?

If you’ve been wondering how to invest in Elon Musk’s Neuralink, it’s crucial to note that regular investors can only purchase Neuralink stock once it becomes publicly available. 

However, here are some alternatives for those eager to invest in this medical startup:

Invest in Tesla stock. 

Since Elon Musk created both companies, buying Tesla stock could also give you a stake in Neuralink. 

Musk may merge his companies into one publicly traded entity, but they are still determining it.

Consider Alphabet stock 

It is also a good idea to buy shares of Alphabet (GOOG 0.56%)(GOOGL 0.69%), Google’s parent company. 

Alphabet’s venture capital arm, Google Ventures, was an early investor in Neuralink. While Neuralink is part of Alphabet, its stake is somewhat small compared to the overall size of Alphabet’s business.

Wait for Neuralink stock.

The third option is to be patient. Investors keen on directly investing in Neuralink can opt to set aside funds and wait for a future IPO. 

Nonetheless, since the timing of the IPO is uncertain and could be years away, it’s wise to consider the opportunity cost of waiting. 

It may be prudent to allocate only a small portion of funds toward this potential investment while seeking better returns elsewhere in the market.

Neuralink stock price and statistics

Currently, Neuralink stock price is $ <0.000001 (-0.92%). In short, Neuralink is NLINK and here are its statistics:

All-Time High: $ NaN
Price Change (1h): +2.92%
Price Change (24h): -0.92%
Price Change (7d): -12.56%

NLINK Market Information:  

Popularity: #5500
Market Cap: $0
Volume (24 hours): $4,604.53
Circulation Supply: 0
Total Maximum Supply: 420,000,000.00B
 Fully Diluted Market Cap: $563,033.66

For live information, visit Binance.

Is Neuralink a good investment?

Deciding whether to invest is personal. However, investing in a speculative firm like Neuralink might be acceptable, especially considering its potential breakthroughs in brain chip technology. 

The company wants to solve big problems, and ideas like this can make a lot of money.

Yet, speculative investment ventures often fail, resulting in significant losses. Occasionally, speculative companies even fold entirely, leaving investors with no returns.

Note, once again, if you wish to buy Neuralink stock, that Neuralink has yet to be publicly traded. However, if it goes public through an initial public offering (IPO), investors must acknowledge the high risk involved in investing at this early stage of its development.

What was the Food and Drug Administration’s concern about Neuralink?

FDA inspectors found issues with record keeping and quality controls for animal experiments at Neuralink, Elon Musk’s startup. These lapses, including missing calibration records and unapproved deviations from protocols, were identified during inspections last year.

While Neuralink’s implant device has been approved for human trials, the FDA has not issued its designation indicating the severity of problems found. 

Despite concerns raised by animal welfare groups, the FDA asserts it will monitor the safety of participants in the study. Critics argue that the FDA should have inspected Neuralink before approving human trials, given the seriousness of the identified violations.


For those who wondered how to invest in Neuralink, should remember that it holds promise, but it’s speculative and carries risks. Since it’s not publicly traded yet, potential investors must be cautious. 

However, waiting for an IPO or exploring alternative investments could be rewarding for those interested in supporting neuroscience innovation.

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