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How to Buy Scotty the AI Token ($SCOTTY) – Easy Guide

Scotty the AI is an innovative cryptocurrency project using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to bring stability, detect fraud, and secure the cryptocurrency space. $SCOTTY, the native token, has just been launched on presale.

Our how to buy Scotty the AI guide shows you how to invest in the $SCOTTY presale in 4 simple steps. We also analyze the key features of this AI-powered crypto blockchain.

What is Scotty the AI? 

Scotty the AI uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology and is dedicated to enhancing the security and integrity of the crypto space. The primary goal is to provide cutting-edge AI-powered solutions for security, fraud detection, and risk  mitigation.

Some of the key features of Scotty the AI include advanced AI capabilities that allow it to analyze complex blockchain data and detect patterns. The algorithm can recall every transaction, block, and hash created. Scotty the AI also possesses lightning-fast agility, allowing the blockchain to quickly navigate the digital world and neutralize risks with precision and accuracy.

Scotty the AI leverages its AI-powered fraud detection algorithms to identify suspicious transactions and network anomalies. All these features can help Scotty the AI become one of the best cryptocurrency assets in the future.

Furthermore, Scotty the AI aims to become a 100% transparent and community-driven project. Scotty the AI’s project team has renounced ownership of the token contract to prioritize community engagement. Thus, $SCOTTY token holders will be able to dictate the future of this cryptocurrency platform.

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Scotty Swap Tool 

One of the upcoming features of the ‘Scotty the AI’ ecosystem is the Scotty Swap Tool. This innovative and cutting-edge feature allows token holders and ecosystem members to access seamless token swaps within the platform. According to Scotty the AI’s whitepaper, the Swap Tool will help enhance liquidity through its user-friendly set-up.

Along with swapping $SCOTTY with other token pairs, users can also access external DeFi (Decentralized Finance) tokens. This helps promote a vibrant and flourishing ecosystem, making Scotty the AI one of the top new cryptocurrency tokens to hold right now. According to the project roadmap, the Scotty Swap Tool will be launched in its third and final action phase.

Scotty Chat

Another upcoming use case of Scotty the AI is ‘Scotty Chat’ – an interactive platform that allows community members to ask all sorts of questions. This feature is part of Scotty the AI’s community engagement strategy. On this chatbot, people can ask questions related to blockchain technology, code issues, and complex algorithms.

Basically, Scotty Chat will help you learn more about the complex world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. To properly build Scotty Chat – Scotty the AI leverages popular artificial intelligence tools such as NLP (Natural Language Processing).

This tool is where computational mechanisms comprehend natural language and speech and respond with accurate solutions.  Basically, it provides solutions to questions with accuracy, like a human does.

Scotty the AI: Tokenomics and Presale

The Scotty Token ($SCOTTY) is the main utility and governance token of Scotty the AI. $SCOTTY has a total supply of 1,234,567,890. Notably, the $SCOTTY supply is fixed – meaning no tokens can be added to the supply in the future.

This sets itself apart from many new crypto and meme coins – which have an infinite supply. Since crypto investors tend to be on the lookout for cryptos with a limited supply, $SCOTTY could be one of the top crypto launches in the coming months. A limited token supply ensures token scarcity – which can help raise the price in the future.

From the 1.234 billion token supply – 30% has been allocated for the ongoing presale. At the time of writing, $SCOTTY is priced at $0.005 per token during the first presale round. One of the best crypto presales, Scotty the AI has raised more than $100K in only a few days since launch.

Interested investors can purchase the token at current levels before the price increases. The remaining 70% of the token supply is split for development purposes, staking, marketing, and future decentralized and centralized exchange listings.

Over 346 million tokens will be offered through staking rewards. Investors can stake $SCOTTY on the smart contract, and earn passive income for the next three years. Staking cryptos on proof-of-stake blockchains can prove to be a good long-term investment, as investors can generate regular passive income for multiple years.

Notably, $SCOTTY is an ERC-20 token. Thus, the token can be easily accessed and transferred across ERC-20 compatible wallets. Furthermore, no percentage of the token supply has been allocated to the team. This transparent cryptocurrency project ensures that the $SCOTTY token will be 100% for the community.

Stay updated with this cryptocurrency by joining the Scotty the AI Telegram channel.

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Scotty the AI has properly divided its upcoming platform launches, token listings, and other activities across three phases. Let’s take a closer look at the plans for Scotty the AI:

Phase 1 – The first phase lays the groundwork for the Scotty the AI ecosystem. This involves the ongoing token presale, a token audit, and the token generation event. Phase one will also witness the launch of the marketing campaign.
Phase 2 – The second roadmap phase will kickstart the public launch of $SCOTTY. After the presale ends, $SCOTTY will conduct its decentralized and centralized exchange listings. The project will also enter into community partnerships and list the token on CoinGecko, CoinMarketcap, and other reputable crypto token sites.
Phase 3 – The final phase of Scotty the AI will witness the launch of this innovative AI-powered ecosystem’s features – ranging from the Scotty Chat to the Scotty Swap Tool.

How to Buy Scotty the AI: Step-by-Step Breakdown 

The section below offers a step-by-step guide on how to purchase $SCOTTY through the ongoing presale:

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

The first step is to download a cryptocurrency wallet that is accessible with the Scotty the AI presale. An ERC-20 token, $SCOTTY, can be purchased with ERC-20 compatible wallets such as MetaMask, Best Wallet, and Wallet Connect.

You can either download the wallet extension on your laptop/desktop or get the wallet app via iOS and Android.

Step 2: Purchase ETH OR USDT

The next step is to fund your cryptocurrency wallet with either Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). These are the two tokens that are compatible with $SCOTTY.

Investors can purchase these tokens from a suitable crypto exchange and transfer their holdings to their crypto wallet. Alternatively, you can purchase $SCOTTY directly on the presale website with a credit card.

Step 3: Connect the Wallet to the Presale 

Visit the Scotty the AI presale website, and click ‘Connect Wallet.’ Choose the wallet option that you hold, and follow the instructions on-screen to successfully connect the wallet to the presale website.

Step 4: Buy $SCOTTY Tokens

Once the wallet is connected, you can start filling in the purchase details on the order box. Select either ‘ETH/USDT/Card, and type in the number of $SCOTTY tokens you wish to receive. Click on ‘Buy Now’ to confirm the transaction.

Investors can also directly stake their $SCOTTY tokens on the smart contract by clicking on the ‘Buy and Stake’ option below the order box. You will be able to claim your tokens on the presale website after the presale ends.


Scotty the AI is a cutting-edge AI tool that fosters security by using innovative blockchain-based tools. Our how to buy $SCOTTY guide has provided interested investors with a step-by-step walkthrough on purchasing the $SCOTTY token through the ongoing presale.

During the first presale round, $SCOTTY is priced at only $0.005 per token. 30% of the total 1.234 billion token supply is being distributed through the presale. With $SCOTTY, you can get access to swapping tools, an AI-powered chatbot, and huge staking rewards.

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What is Scotty the AI? 

Scotty the AI is an artificial intelligence and blockchain-powered platform. Its main goal is to provide AI-powered solutions to detect fraud and promote security in the crypto space. $SCOTTY is the utility token of this new platform.

What is the price of $SCOTTY?

At the time of writing, $SCOTTY is priced at $0.005 during the ongoing presale round. $SCOTTY has a fixed supply of 1.234 billion tokens – 30% of which are being distributed through the presale.

How do you buy $SCOTTY? 

Firstly, you must download a crypto wallet compatible with the $SCOTTY presale. Then, fund the wallet with either ETH or USDT and connect to the online presale website. Enter the purchase amount and confirm the transaction.

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