High-ranked NinjaRoll ICO (ROLL) Is Starting. Don’t Miss It

High-ranked NinjaRoll ICO (ROLL) Is Starting. Don’t Miss It

In the ever-evolving blockchain technology landscape, the NinjaRoll ICO is a promising project to revolutionize the gaming industry. This company sets itself apart by offering a decentralized gaming platform operating on Injective. Unlike traditional games shrouded in opacity, NinjaRoll leverages smart contracts to ensure fairness, transparency, non-custodial operations, and immutability. This groundbreaking approach marks a paradigm shift in the gaming realm.

The Pioneer of PoS Random Settlement Networks

NinjaRoll also introduces the first-of-its-kind decentralized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) random settlement network. Besides, the NinjaRoll Games, the platform’s flagship product, utilize a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) network. The ambitious plans extend to potential deployment on other cosmos networks, with all profits and liquidity directed back to Injective.

Empowering $ROLL Users and Token Holders

For those engaging with the NinjaRoll ecosystem, the $ROLL token holds the key. As a token holder, users can partake in a retro pixel graphics experience that evokes nostalgia. Multiple games, including those involving popular tokens like INJ, DOJO, BTC, ETH, and more, offer diverse gaming experiences. Partner networks within Injective can also tap into the project’s native token.

Staking Opportunities and Sustainable Yield Model

NinjaRoll also introduces a $ROLL staking pool with an attractive Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Token holders can stake $ROLL to validate the gaming network. In the future, trusted node operators can run the settlement layer. Initial incentives for $ROLL delegators are substantial, with an expected APR of around 200%, gradually reducing to a sustainable rate of approximately 30%. Once achieved, $ROLL holders transition to a real yield model, earning $INJ tokens.

Future Plans and Strategic Partnerships

Looking ahead, NinjaRoll envisions a future where $ROLL attains large-cap status, prompting the creation of a liquid-staked version in collaboration with the DojoSwap team. This liquid staking liquidity feature adds another layer of innovation to the platform.

Furthermore, the partnership with the DojoSwap team is pivotal. The company already outlined an agreement to burn 50% of received DOJO tokens, showcasing a mutually beneficial collaboration.

As the excitement builds, potential investors and gaming enthusiasts should mark their calendars for the upcoming NinjaRoll ICO. The token sale, scheduled from January 19th to January 20th, 2024, presents a great opportunity. With a fundraising goal of $200,000 and a limited token supply of 20,000,000, only 40% of tokens will be available during the ICO. However, remember that crypto is very volatile, and it’s better to be careful with your investments.

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