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Ethereum NFT Collection Reactor Motors Scores Movie Deal

A movie based on Ethereum NFT collection Reactor Motors is in the works. Pierre Morel, renowned for directing action hits such as “Taken” and “Transporter 2,” will direct the inaugural feature film derived from an NFT collection.

The Reactor Motors NFT collection, consisting of 8,888 images of luxury racing cars, was launched Jan. 2022 via OpenSea. Each NFT represents a distinct car designed for racing within an advanced metaverse racing game currently in Beta. Only Reactor Motors NFT owners are granted access to the game.

The movie centers around a geophysicist Eva Mason, Deadline reported Wednesday. She stumbles upon a new mineral she names Reykium during her geothermal energy research in Icelandic volcanoes.

Exciting news! The FIRST FEATURE FILM based on an NFT collection is in the works!

Read more about this groundbreaking project on Deadline: https://t.co/zNkZEYkENF


— Reactor Motors (@reactor_motors) March 13, 2024

Reykium shows remarkable reactivity to metals. This prompts Eva and her team to develop it into the next generation of clean-energy race cars. Eventually, her team’s racing success attracts an energy conglomerate determined to obtain the Reykium engine at any cost.

New Reactor NFTs to Be Unveiled Ahead of Movie Release

To mark the movie release, Reactor Motors will unveil a fresh line of Reactor Car NFTs, known as the Y Series. It will go on sale in the second quarter.

Alongside the film and game, Reactor Motors is expanding its offerings. These include licensed merchandise, including an augmented reality comic book series and graphic novel. These publications will delve into Reactor’s backstory and the genesis of Eva’s team and their role in developing the cars featured in the game.

NFT Adaptations

Several projects have drawn inspiration from NFT collections or integrated NFTs into their concepts.

For instance, Zero Contact, the inaugural Hollywood feature film released as an NFT through Vuele, a direct-to-consumer platform for distributing and viewing full-length films as NFTs, premiered in Sept. 2021.

“In The Mood For Love” is another example of the successful integration of NFTs into the film industry, akin to “Zero Contact.” The film gained widespread acclaim upon its release back in 2000. Wong Kar Wai, the director, opted to convert a segment of this film into an NFT.

He auctioned off unreleased content titled “In The Mood For Love – Day One,” captured during the movie’s production commencement in 1999.

Last year, Coinbase unveiled The Degen Trilogy, a series of three interactive films. These films center around the Bored Ape Yacht Club and ApeCoin communities.

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