Dacxi ICO (DAC) Is In the Spotlight. Don’t Miss It

Dacxi ICO (DAC) Is In the Spotlight. Don’t Miss It

In the ever-evolving landscape of fintech, one company stands among many startups – Dacxi. The project aims to transform lives through innovative wealth opportunities. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Dacxi and its pioneering venture, the DAC token ICO, poised to revolutionize the Crypto-Wealth sector.

Dacxi: Paving the Way for New Wealth Opportunities

Founded in 2017, Dacxi is a fintech powerhouse with a global footprint and a vision to democratize wealth creation. Furthermore, the company’s mission revolves around offering new wealth opportunities to everyone. Thus, it aims to make a mark in the emerging Crypto-Wealth sector.

Global Expansion and Expert Leadership:

Dacxi boasts six offices worldwide, a proprietary exchange network technology, and a team of 45 professionals. Unlike many crypto companies, Dacxi also takes pride in having seasoned business experts at its core. As a result, it brings decades of experience in delivering fintech and retail investment platforms.

The Native Currency for a Global Crypto-Wealth Ecosystem

Transformative Use Cases:

DAC token, the native currency for the Dacxi ecosystem, plays a pivotal role in cross-border investment transfers, blockchain fees, and exchange transactions. Besides, the upcoming global tokenized crowd-funding system, fueled by DAC, seems set to redefine the landscape of crowdfunding through tokenization. This is a market estimated in the multi-trillions.

Innovative Blockchain and Tech Prowess:

Dacxi’s in-house tech team, pioneers since 2017, has been laying the foundation for a bespoke blockchain that supports thousands of investment opportunities simultaneously. The latter includes cutting-edge code for exchange matching engines and platform protocols, positioning Dacxi as a trailblazer in the crypto-exchange space.

Features of the Dacxi Exchange

Comprehensive Exchange Features:

Dacxi’s exchange provides a seamless user experience with global banking services accepting inbound card payments in five major currencies, direct bank deposits in EUR, and the ability to accept POLi payments in AUD and NZD.

Asset Diversity:

From the launch, users will have access to popular digital assets like BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, and LTC. The post-launch roadmap includes ten additional coins, with DAC coins becoming tradable soon.

Stringent Security Measures:

Dacxi prioritizes security, with its exchange code externally audited by A+ security companies and a military-grade vault in Switzerland for cold wallet fund storage. The implementation of best practice coding following OWASP recommendations and 2FA with Google Authenticator adds an extra layer of protection.

Speed, Scalability, and Usability:

Dacxi’s exchange boasts an enterprise-level matching system, industry-leading execution speeds, and a high-speed API capable of handling thousands of orders per second. With servers hosted in Singapore, users can enjoy low latency access across the Asia Pacific, ensuring 24/7 full-speed, high-availability access. The platform’s user-friendly interface, responsiveness across devices, and simplified trading cater to both new and experienced users.

DAC Token ICO Is High-Ranked. Don’t Miss It

The upcoming Dacxi ICO signifies more than a fundraising event; it marks the gateway to financial empowerment for individuals worldwide. With DAC tokens leading the charge, Dacxi’s ambitious mission to redefine the Crypto-Wealth sector is on the brink of realization. As the ICO unfolds, the crypto world awaits the transformative impact that Dacxi is set to bring to the fintech landscape.

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