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Crypto Analysts are Bullish on This AI Crypto Coin for 2024 – Here’s Why

Crypto analysts predict that AI crypto coin yPredict could see substantial gains in 2024. Image by Kerem Goktug Kaya, DALL-E 3.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries across the globe, bringing automation and efficiency to everything from manufacturing to medicine. Now, AI is making its presence felt in crypto trading and investing as well. One project at the leading edge is yPredict, an upcoming platform powered by AI and machine learning to help traders make smarter decisions.

The team behind yPredict is working on the platform to provide users with predictive AI models, price predictions, sentiment analysis, chart pattern recognition, and more. These tools seek to give traders an edge in the volatile crypto markets. The project has excited crypto analysts, who are bullish on the potential of both the platform and its native token, $YPRED.

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AI Crypto Platform Offers Traders an Edge

$YPRED is currently in the final stage of its crypto presale event. The token has already raised nearly $6 million and will complete the campaign upon hitting $6.5 million. The presale has seen the price of $YPRED increase with each successive stage.

With the presale in its last legs, investors have one final chance to purchase $YPRED before it lists on exchanges. The token price is set to rise from $0.11 to $0.12 when the presale concludes. Crypto experts believe this is just the beginning, with many predicting $YPRED could see big gains in 2024.

Is yPredict the Best New Crypto?

Analyst Michael Wrubel stated he is incredibly bullish on $YPRED in the next bull market, expecting its AI focus to resonate with investors. Meanwhile, analyst Cilinix Crypto predicted the token could surge 10x after launch.

The expectations have been raised due to the potential of AI in crypto. Crypto analyst CryptoGodJohn also remarked that AI in crypto is still in the early stages, and “hasn’t even scratched the surface”.

As one of the first movers in the predictive AI niche, yPredict is primed to capture this growth. The platform offers AI-powered solutions for crypto traders of all levels. Features like Market Predictions, Analytics, Marketplace, and Terminal seek to make crypto investing smarter and more accessible.

For example, Marketplace will let users purchase vetted predictive models created by top AI experts. Investors can then follow these signals to enhance returns. A portion of subscription fees will be distributed to $YPRED holders as staking rewards, up to 45% quarterly according to projections.

I feel like AI in crypto hasn’t even scratched the surface to its fullest potential

Maybe like 2% if that… we got a long way to go

— Johnny (@CryptoGodJohn) December 20, 2023

The wide range of features confirms yPredict plans to cater to all traders. Market Predictions will target newcomers with free price forecasts. Meanwhile, Terminal will focus on speed and efficiency for professional traders.

By combining diverse AI tools with revenue streams tied to its token, yPredict is assembling a promising platform. With presale nearing its end, investors see a closing window to get in early. $YPRED has the potential to seize the AI crypto opportunity in 2024 and beyond.

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