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Coinbase Set to Launch $15 million Ad Campaign During NBA Playoffs: Report

Coinbase, the U.S.’s largest crypto exchange, is reportedly launching a $15 million TV commercials across four channels airing NBA playoffs.

The move, reported by the Fox news, is aimed at attracting more sports enthusiast into the crypto space. Symbolized by pizza, these commercials showcase the process pizzas go through, if it was a money in today’s system.

“If pizza worked like this, you wouldn’t like pizza,” the ad narrates.

The news of the Coinbase commercials hasn’t been reported officially yet. It is set to run three separate ads across four channels telecasting NBA playoffs, starting Wednesday.

The motive to run these ads is to emphasize how complex traditional payments systems are, when compared to cryptos. Two commercials are 30 seconds each and one run for 60 seconds, airing on ESPN, ESPN2, TNT and ABC.

Further, the report added that these ads will run until June 9.

“We’re under the illusion that when we use credit cards or Venmo, things are happening instantly, but they’re actually just part of very complex plumbing that’s masked by a digital interface,” Faryar Shirzad, chief policy officer at Coinbase, noted.

Coinbase’s Pizza Ad Journey

The pizza, which is being described, will go through several scrutiny and approval stages, per the ad posted on YouTube. The ad throughout mimic traditional credit card transaction, represented by several people taking a bite of the pizza pie.

This basically symbolizes the role of middlemen in traditional finance transactions that take a sizeable portion of commission.

“This is pretty much what happens to your money whenever you spend it or send it,” the narrator says.

At the final stage, the pizza barges into a door marked “surcharge,” indicating the credit card fees. A delivery boy picks up the pizza noting, “we deserve a better system, easier simpler faster. That’s how crypto works.”

“Coinbase is building the future of money to make sure American consumers own their own pie — and making sure their payment moves at the speed of the internet,” Coinbase’s vice president of engineering, told Fox news.

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