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Cloud Miner BitFuFu Reports a 149% Spike in Q1 Revenue

BitFuFu Inc., a rapidly growing digital asset mining service and cloud-mining provider, announced stellar financial results for the first quarter of 2024. The company’s innovative cloud mining solutions and self-mining operations are firing on all cylinders, propelling revenues and profits.

The company reported an impressive 149% year-over-year spike in total revenue to $144.4 million, driven by explosive growth in its cloud-mining solutions and self-mining operations. 

BitFuFu Cloud-Mining Making the Most

We’re thrilled to unveil $FUFU’s 2024 #Q1 results. Total revenue soared by a staggering 149% YoY, reaching US$144.4 million. Net income surged by a whopping 1216% YoY, totaling $35.3 million. What a quarter it’s been; onto the next one!https://t.co/uPlVshEtCk pic.twitter.com/ude5SGsHGM

— BitFuFu (@BitFuFuOfficial) May 20, 2024

Total revenue skyrocketed 149% year-over-year to $144.4 million, beyond expectations. Profit figures were even more massive as its net income exploded more than 12-fold to $35.3 million, while adjusted EBITDA rocketed up 431% to $49.9 million. 

The company’s cloud mining drove this phenomenal performance. Revenue from this high-growth segment nearly tripled to $81.5 million as BitFuFu’s user base surged 63.5% to over 321,000 registered miners worldwide. Customers flocked to the platform’s unique ability to purchase hashrate at fixed prices, providing downside protection amid crypto market turbulence.

According to CEO Leo Lu, BitFuFu’s “asset-light strategy” underpins these massive synergies by allowing ultra-nimble optimization of mining rigs and hashrate deployment. 

“Our cloud-mining solutions allow us to reduce revenue volatility…and significantly strengthen cash flow by pre-selling hashrate at a fixed price,” he explained.

However, the cloud business was part of BitFuFu’s multifaceted success story last quarter. Its self-mining operations also delivered a blistering 117% revenue jump to $60.1 million. While bitcoin production slipped 11% due to high network difficulty, this decline was overwhelmed by a 70% hashrate increase and a 134% surge in average BTC prices.

Combined, these two engines powered a cash hoard of $163.7 million on BitFuFu’s balance sheet by the quarter’s end—more than double the prior period.

BitFuFu Listing on NASDAQ

Looking ahead, BitFuFu is doubling down on its unique hybrid model spanning cloud offerings and self-mining. Lu highlighted plans to acquire existing facilities or construct new ones to “optimize our cost structure and capital allocation even further and expand our bottom line.”

With a rapidly expanding global footprint of 29 mining sites across three continents, BitFuFu has swiftly transcended its origins and demonstrated incredibly well as Bitmain’s cloud partner. 

The crypto mining company further bolstered its war chest by raising funds through a NASDAQ listing in March. The company filed an F-4 form with the SEC on December 31 to register its securities for the merger as a foreign private entity, which the SEC declared effective. 

BitFuFu was listed on the Nasdaq exchange under the ” FUFU ” ticker symbol following its SPAC merger acquisition. It aims for a third-quarter debut with an anticipated enterprise value of nearly $1.5 billion.

The F-4 filing revealed strong financials, with BitFuFu reporting $134 million in revenue for the first half of 2023 and an operating hashrate of 15.2 EH/s, though nearly 80% of the hashing power came from miners leased from Bitmain. 

Bitmain holds a 5% equity stake in BitFuFu and is a significant supplier, with $90 million of BitFuFu’s revenue allocated to Bitmain for miner leasing and hosting fees.

As of March 31, 2024, the company held cash, cash equivalents, and digital assets totaling US$163.7 million, up from US$76.0 million on December 31, 2023. This increase is primarily attributed to funds raised from its business combination and NASDAQ listing in March 2024, along with a fair value gain on BTC due to rising BTC prices.

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