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Chimpzee Continues Giving Back to the Environment and Its Community With Newly Announced Staking Utility

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The philanthropic passive income meme coin ecosystem, Chimpzee, continues giving back to its community after announcing its new staking utility ahead of its first exchange launch.

Chimpzee is a Web3 project that provides its holders with a passive income while raising funds to donate to charitable organizations to help prevent deforestation and save endangered animals.

Its presale was a remarkable success in 2023, raising $2.7 million in the process. The team made a string of exceptional donations during its presale and is gearing up to make more in the coming weeks.

Now, the community can earn additional rewards through staking. Here’s everything you need to know.

Chimpzee Continues Giving Back to Its Community With Newly Launched Staking Utility

Chimpzee recently announced that it would launch an innovative staking utility to give back to its community, allowing it to earn more $CHMPZ tokens for locking its idle assets into the platform.

The team listened to the feedback from the Chimpzee Army during its vesting period and decided a staking utility would be utilized by those fiercely loyal to the ecosystem.

The new staking utility will allow $CHMPZ holders to stake their assets and earn up to 30% APY. The more $CHMPZ is staked into the utility, the more it is earned.

Furthermore, those lucky enough to buy a Chimpzee NFT Passport can stake their NFT and $CHMPZ tokens to earn an impressive 50% APY.

Alternatively, the NFT Passport can be staked alone to earn a 20% APY.

Overall, the staking utility is bringing another reason for the community to stick around as they can earn a passive income while knowing they are helping make the world a better place.

Furthermore, Chimpzee recently completed its burning promise and has reduced the supply of $CHMPZ to just 25 billion tokens.

Chimpzee Provides Passive Income While Giving Back to the World

The entire premise behind Chimpzee is to provide a method for holders to earn a passive income while making a positive contribution to the world by saving animals and protecting the environment.

The platform intends to show the world that Web3 technology can be used for a noteworthy cause by making crypto-based donations to charitable organizations focused on preventing deforestation and animal extinction.

The platform offers three passive income avenues: shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn.

Each of these avenues provides a route to earning a passive income while simultaneously raising funds to contribute to charitable organizations that are making a difference in the world.

The new staking utility now offers a fourth avenue to earning a passive income within the ecosystem.

The team is fully verified by Cyberscope, and the smart contracts behind the protocol are audited by Solidity FInance, making it an entirely transparent operation.

Remarkable Donations Already Underway With Verifiable Proof

The best part about the CHimpzee ecosystem is that it’s stayed true to its word and made a string of remarkable donations to charitable organizations making an impact. All donations are fully verified either on-chain or through the official social media accounts of the charities involved.

Some of the donations already made include the following:

$15,000 to WILD Foundation to help rangers protect the last herd of desert-adapted elephants.
$20,000 to WILD Foundation to help protect the final few black jaguars in the Brazilian Rainforest.
Over 21,000 trees were planted through One Tree Planted in the South American Rainforest.
A donation to Forgotten Animals to neuter 240 cats and 180 dogs in war-torn Ukraine.
A donation to WeForest to plant 5,000 trees in Tanzania.

The website contains a complete list of donations with social proof to highlight authenticity.

P2B Exchange Listing Already Live With More to Come

The $CHMPZ token officially launched its first trading pair on January 11th on the P2B exchange.

P2B is one of Europe’s largest crypto exchanges, boasting over 1 million members with a very high trading volume.

Now the official launch is behind us, Chimpzee is gearing up for a string of exchange launches ahead. The team has announced that $CHMPZ will be listed on Bitmart, another high-profile exchange, in the coming weeks.

Overall, Chimpzee is one of Web3’s most wholesome ecosystems, setting a solid foundation for an exceptional year ahead. The project’s new staking ecosystem provides another perfect reason to stick around and continue earning a passive income.


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