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Celestia Continues Pump to $20 as $GFOX Presale Eyes $5 Million

$TIA is likely to return an excellent profit to crypto investors who commit to it. The trending altcoin shows huge potential, with exciting rallies since the beginning of the year. It’s set to be a top gainer this year, and analysts are optimistic about its boom.

In the same vein, $GFOX is proving to be the best new crypto to invest in. The latest meme coin is having a great ICO and hopes to replicate its success in the main market. 

Galaxy Fox: Combining P2E Mechanics With Meme Culture 

$GFOX is an exciting token integrating the meme culture into the play-to-earn ecosystem to have hybrid functionality. You earn rewards when you participate in the Galaxy Fox game, get passive income for staking your tokens, and benefit from $GFOX value appreciation due to its burning feature. Galaxy Fox will be a universe of exhilarating fun and excitement. It will feature an NFT-backed web3 game, which you can earn from and have fun playing. 

The web3 game will involve collecting, nurturing, and battling with other players using your NFTs. Galaxy Fox has numerous NFTs (about 3000 so far), each with unique features, strengths, and weaknesses.

The stronger your NFTs are, the higher your chances of performing well and earning rewards. The ecosystem will have a digital marketplace where you can trade your NFTs for stronger ones or buy boosters to improve their attributes temporarily. This will boost performance, increasing your chances of being among the top performers. 

$GFOX is Ethereum-based, and it’s poised to be among the best new tokens in the market soon. The ERC-20 token is on presale, progressing with satisfaction and gaining investors’ attention. $GFOX’s combined meme and P2E feature increases its chances of booming. Both sectors endured a torrid 2023, and indications pointed toward them having a better 2024. Hence, investors expect $GFOX to impress after its presale phase. 

$GFOX presale has gathered about $2.7+ million already, and it’s only in its 7th stage. With the fast rate it’s selling out, $GFOX could realize $5 million on presale soon. It’s expected to cross $3 million before its current phase ends, bringing it closer to the $5 million threshold. Many are convinced that the presale token is the next to blow, dubbing it the best new crypto to invest in. $GFOX is prepared to live up to the name, and committed investors will reap the positives. 


Celestia ($TIA) Hits New All-time High 

$TIA broke into the $20 price zone recently, peaking at $20.26. This is the altcoin’s highest value ever. Although it has since declined, analysts believe a more sustained surge is imminent. $TIA hit its lowest price value three months ago, trading at $2.03. However, the altcoin has done over 800% since then, making it one of the best performers in that period. 

$TIA’s run since the beginning of the year has defied prevalent market states. The altcoin has experienced steady upward movement and sharp reversal on any decline. Hence, it remains one of the best performers so far. The altcoin is hovering around $18.80 – $19.50 as it tries to retest the resistance in the $20.00+ price zone. 

Experts believe breaching the $20 price level will pave the way for $TIA, sending it toward $30. Crypto price predictors believe $TIA will end the year around $50 or above. Hence, now is a good time to purchase it ahead of the massive price increase. The altcoin has shown huge profitability since November 2023, surging from a barely above $2 price level to an impressive double-figure current price. 

$TIA is expected to break into $20 and defend the price zone soon. This makes it another good purchase for investors’ portfolios. 


$TIA is on hand to be among the top-performing altcoins in 2024. The booming cryptocurrency has started the year brightly, with over 20% gain in the past week. $TIA has set a new all-time high, and analysts expect a better surge soon. $GFOX, the new meme coin, is another altcoin with similar profitability. The presale token has impressed and looks destined for the top upon entering its retail phase. Many believe it’s the best new crypto to invest in due to its high booming potential. Experts expect about 10x during its early retail phase. 

Join $GFOX now for a world of meme-driven fun and profit-making opportunities:

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