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Cardano Foundation Launches PRAGMA: A New Chapter in Open-Source Blockchain Development

The Cardano Foundation unveiled PRAGMA on April 22, a strategic initiative designed to propel open-source development within the Cardano blockchain ecosystem and beyond.

PRAGMA is a nonprofit organization that’s currently partnered with dcSpark, Blink Labs, TxPipe, and Sundae Labs to establish a strong blockchain ecosystem for Carnado and other blockchains.

Cardano PRAGMA’s Vision and Launch

PRAGMA already commenced its operations in Zug, Switzerland. This marks an important milestone for the company as it enters a new market and expands its global footprint.

The program actively supports a diverse range of open-source projects within the PRAGMA initiative, encompassing both established and nascent projects. This includes promoting the ongoing development of tools like Aiken, a platform dedicated to smart contract advancement, and Amaru, a full node built in Rust.

Announcing PRAGMA!

We’re proud to be part of this member-based #opensource association alongside @blinklabs_io, @dcspark_io, @SundaeSwap & @txpipe_tools

PRAGMA will focus on #blockchain software & fostering an open source ecosystem for Cardano.

https://t.co/FWZCak6eYX pic.twitter.com/vRHqqrEkkR

— Cardano Foundation (@Cardano_CF) April 22, 2024

Such projects are pivotal in achieving PRAGMA’s goal of fostering a streamlined and efficient development environment for the open-source blockchain community.

“At the Cardano Foundation, we are advocates for the open-source maturity of the Cardano ecosystem, supporting collaborative initiatives that increase the diversity, as well as the quality and quantity of blockchain solutions,” Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard stated.

OpenSource Collaboration for Blockchain Advancement

With the Cardano PRAGMA initiative at its core, the Cardano ecosystem has set goals to expand its developer community by 2025. This strategic expansion can broaden Cardanos reach within the opensource blockchain community, offering developers more opportunities to contribute to the ecosystems growth.

The current price of Cardano (ADA) is $0.503, which has seen a slight downtick of -1% in the past 24 hours.

Over the past week, the price has shown a major growth of 8.50%.

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