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Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Falls to $42,000 Level – Time to Buy the Dip?

Bitcoin price dips to the $42,000 mark, currently trading at $42,588, reflecting nearly 0.60% decrease on Sunday. This latest fluctuation in Bitcoin’s value raises the question among investors and enthusiasts alike – is it the right time to buy the dip?

Adding to the market buzz, a statement from Samson Mow with references to Elon Musk and Bitcoin has caught attention, further stirring discussions in the crypto community. In another development, the correlation between gold and Bitcoin has been on the rise in 2023, with Fidelity likening Bitcoin to ‘gold on steroids.’

Meanwhile, in the U.S., a lawmaker anticipates a more crypto-friendly stance in Donald Trump’s potential second term, hinting at evolving political attitudes towards cryptocurrencies. These diverse factors collectively contribute to the current speculative environment surrounding Bitcoin’s price trajectory.

Samson Mow’s Statement; :Positive Impact on Bitcoin Price

Samson Mow, CEO of Jan3, a bitcoin-centric startup, humorously addressed Elon Musk’s critique of Bitcoin’s consensus algorithm. Merging humor with cats, Mow referenced both Musk and Bitcoin maximalist Preston Pysh, quipping, “Proof of Work isn’t rocket science, but it might as well be!”

This comment playfully alludes to Musk’s past criticisms of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism, particularly his environmental concerns raised in April 2021.

Proof of Work isn’t rocket science. But it might as well be! #Bitcoin @PrestonPysh pic.twitter.com/vwu9RN5i1l

— Samson Mow (@Excellion) January 12, 2024

Following Musk’s statements, Tesla halted Bitcoin transactions, although it has since set sustainability goals for Bitcoin miners without reinstating Bitcoin payments.

In a significant move, the SEC recently approved 11 spot ETFs for Bitcoin, potentially enhancing market optimism and impacting Bitcoin prices positively as the community welcomes regulatory advancements.

Fidelity’s 2023 Analysis: Bitcoin’s Growing Correlation with Gold

A recent study by Fidelity reveals a notable shift in the relationship between Bitcoin and gold in 2023. Contrary to the previous inverse trend, Bitcoin and gold displayed a stronger correlation, with Bitcoin registering an impressive 156% annual gain, despite the global uptick in interest rates.

Fidelity speculates that this increased correlation might stem from investor anticipation of interest rate adjustments or growing U.S. government deficits.

The study also highlights the impact of central bank demand and geopolitical factors, which have contributed to a 14.6% rise in gold compared to other currencies.

Gold on steroids? Bitcoin, gold correlation surges in 2023 — Fidelityhttps://t.co/Rtq0FTtIJA

— valkyrie (@valkyrieXRP25) January 14, 2024

Interestingly, Fidelity notes that 70% of Bitcoin’s long-term holders are holding onto their assets, suggesting a dwindling supply. This trend is a positive signal for Bitcoin’s price, indicating a shift in market dynamics and growing investor confidence in Bitcoin’s resilience amid global economic uncertainties.

Fidelity’s analysis points towards a potential change in how investors perceive Bitcoin, increasingly viewing it as a viable hedge against economic volatility.

US Lawmaker Predicts Increased Crypto Support in Trump’s Potential Second Term

U.S. Representative Tom Emmer believes that former President Donald Trump may adopt a more crypto-friendly approach if he runs for office again, a shift potentially influenced by Trump’s recent foray into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Since his departure from the presidency, Trump has launched three NFT collections, marking a notable departure from his previous criticisms of cryptocurrencies. Emmer, an ardent supporter of the crypto sector, anticipates that Trump’s potential second term could bode well for the industry.

Just as Trump will be seated in the BIG chair of the US White House, @MSGAcoin will be amongst the big sendors of #Crypto 2024.@OTBcrypto @YoCharlesCrypto @SAINT_RY8 pic.twitter.com/2Lx8DEbhXN

— Sit Back & Shillax (@MexaVolted) January 13, 2024

Asset management firm Vaneck’s analysts, along with other market observers, speculate that Bitcoin could reach new highs under a Trump presidency in 2024. Brian Brooks, the former chief legal officer at Coinbase, suggests that Trump’s regulatory policies might be more favorable towards cryptocurrencies.

While the impact on Bitcoin’s prices remains speculative, a pro-crypto stance from Trump could lead to increased positive sentiment in the crypto market, potentially influencing its trajectory.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin is registering a minor uptick, with its current price standing at $42,950, marking a 0.25% increase. The four-hour chart indicates a pivot point at $42,555, setting up immediate resistance levels at $44,384, $45,260, and $47,060.

On the flip side, support is found at $41,472, followed by $40,570 and $39,424. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 36, hinting at a potential oversold scenario.

#BitcoinUpdate Jan 14: BTC sees a slight rise, now at $42,950, up 0.25%. Pivot at $42,555 with key resistance at $44,384 & $45,260. RSI at 36 hints at potential growth. Eyes on the $43,250 Fibonacci level for direction. #CryptoMarket #BTC #TradingAnalysis

— Arslan Ali (@forex_arslan) January 14, 2024

The 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is positioned at $44,500, slightly above the current price, adding a bearish tint to the overall sentiment.

Bitcoin Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

However, if Bitcoin manages a bullish breakout over this level, it might slice through the 23.6% Fibonacci mark and target the 38.2% Fibonacci level at around $44,350.

Given these technical indicators, Bitcoin’s short-term trend appears bullish above the $42,555 pivot point.

Investors and traders should closely monitor these levels, as they may offer insights into Bitcoin’s potential movement in the coming days, with particular attention to the pivotal $43,250 mark for trend direction.

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