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Best Crypto to Buy Today January 29 – Conflux, Sui, Monero

Conflux, Sui, and Monero stand out in the hunt for the best crypto to buy today, as progress with their CFX, SUI, and XMR tokens point to upside potential.

Conflux’s CFX price surged over 40% over the past week after announcing a strategic partnership with BlockBooster to expand its presence in Asia.

Meanwhile, Sui’s SUI coin reached over $358 million in total value locked, propelling it to a top 15 ranking among all blockchains.

And privacy project Monero is holding firm, with its XMR token maintaining support around $150 despite recent bearish momentum.

Looking beyond established cryptocurrencies, the presales for Meme Kombat and eTukTuk also offer promise as enthusiastic newcomers with fresh potential.

Best Crypto to Buy Today in the News

Conflux’s CFX token saw a major price surge of over 40% over the past week, propelling its price from a weekly low of $0.1691 to its current level of $0.2414.

We’re excited to join forces with @Conflux_Network! As a rising venture studio, we’re eager to foster Web3 Infra, Social, and Gaming projects in collaboration with Conflux. We are also very excited about the long-term vision and potential of Conflux. Stay tuned for new updates! https://t.co/1I3zjpuFm5

— BlockBooster (@0xBlockBooster) January 26, 2024

A key driver was an announced partnership with BlockBooster to enhance web3 infrastructure and gaming in Asia.

Despite an almost 80% decline from its 2023 high of $0.4876, Conflux made progress with the planned release of an EVM-compatible layer-2 solution for Bitcoin in May 2024. This seeks to connect Bitcoin’s store of value with Conflux’s staking model and Ethereum contract capabilities.

Additionally, the SUI token of the Sui network achieved notable gains, with a 17.38% increase so far today and a weekly rise of around 46%. SUI hit a price of $1.55 with strong support at around $1.22.

Sui’s total value locked in DeFi has crossed $400 million, reaching over $414.3 million as of writing. This growth pushed Sui into the top 15 blockchains by TVL, surpassing Cardano and Base to reach number 11. Key ecosystem boosts include an extended Alibaba Cloud partnership and integration with MetaMask’s Cetu AMM.

Meanwhile, XMR found its footing around the horizontal support of $148 to $150 on January 23. XMR has been on an uptrend since posting gains of 12.84% at the current levels and potentially in its 6 consecutive days in the green.

With the price now trading above the 20-day, 50-day, and 100-day EMAs, XMR is showing some potential bullish momentum. Now it’s just a matter of XMR holding the current levels and the EMAs to continue its bullish rearrangement.

While major cryptocurrencies like CFX, SUI, and XMR are evolving, exciting crypto presales like Meme Kombat and eTukTuk are also showing promise as Bitcoin alternatives worth tracking. With the market constantly shifting, staying informed on the best crypto to buy today is key.

CFX Price Prediction: Bulls Regain Control as CFX Rallies

Source: TradingView / CFXUSDT

The CFX price has shown bullish momentum in recent days, with the token rallying over 4% so far today. After bouncing off the key Fib 0.236 support level of $0.2095 last week, CFX appears set to retest higher resistance zones in the days ahead.

The 20-day EMA for CFX stands at $0.2010, remaining above the 50-day EMA of $0.1903. This bullish EMA alignment has been in place for several months now, signaling consistent bullish momentum in the short term. The widening gap between the 20-day and 100-day EMA of $0.1800 further reinforces the upside potential for CFX over the near term.

While not a definitive golden cross setup, the positioning of the faster 20-day EMA above the slower 50-day EMA is a constructive technical development for CFX bulls.

The RSI is currently at 65.72 compared to yesterday’s 63.26. This shows growing bullish momentum, with CFX moving further away from oversold territory. The MACD histogram printing at 0.0054 versus 0.0040 yesterday also indicates building upside momentum for the CFX price.

With the CFX price rallying 4.32% over the last 24 hours to currently trade at $0.2414, bulls appear to be regaining control. CFX now faces initial resistance at the zone between $0.2407 to $0.2484. Clearing this area could see CFX test the next resistance between $0.2817 to $0.2867. This zone aligns with the Fib -0.618 extension level at $0.2842, making it a crucial hurdle for bulls.

On the downside, CFX has initial support at $0.2201 to $0.2302, an area that previously acted as resistance. As long as CFX holds above this zone, the short-term outlook remains constructive.

With technical indicators pointing to growing bullish momentum, CFX looks to retest overhead resistance zones. The ability to clear the initial $0.2407 to $0.2484 area is key, which could open the door for a rally towards $0.28. CFX bulls will want to see trading volumes increase to add conviction to the developing uptrend.

A loss of $0.22 support would invalidate the bullish setup. Traders may look to enter long positions on a break above $0.2484 with an initial target at $0.2842.

SUI Gains 17.38% Today, Breakout Potential Ahead

Source: TradingView / SUIUSDT

The SUI price has shown signs of recovery after bouncing off the Fib 0.618 support level in confluence with the 20-day EMA on January 22. SUI is currently attempting to break through a long-term resistance zone as it looks to retest key Fibonacci extension levels.

With the SUI price up 17.38% so far today, the cryptocurrency appears set for a breakout. The 20-day EMA sits at $1.2148 while the 50-day EMA stands at $1.0103. The widening gap between these two EMAs points to building positive momentum.

The RSI has climbed to 67.03 from yesterday’s 59.85, coming out of oversold territory. This indicates the growing bullish strength behind the SUI price.

The MACD histogram has also grown to 0.0196, up from 0.0079 yesterday. The increasing positive value reflects strengthening upside traction.

SUI currently faces resistance between $1.4030 and $1.4713. Beyond that lie the Fib -0.236 and -0.382 extension levels of $1.6086 and $1.7067. Overcoming these could propel SUI to new highs.

Simultaneously, SUI has support between $1.1939 and $1.2237. This zone aligns with the Fib 0.382 support level at $1.1932 and the 20-day EMA of $1.2148. Bouncing off this area could confirm it as a new floor.

With technical indicators turning favorable, the SUI price appears positioned for a breakout. Sustained trading above $1.4713 resistance would likely catalyze additional gains.

However, failure to hold the $1.2237 support raises the risk of a pullback. Traders may look to set orders around these key levels.

XMR Price Breaks Above Key Moving Averages, Signals Bullish Sentiment

Source: TradingView / XMRUSDT

The XMR price has demonstrated growing strength over the past week, with the potential to post 6 consecutive green sessions today. After range-bound trading between $143 and $165 for two weeks, the XMR price now looks to overcome immediate resistance at $169 to $170.

The XMR price is up 4.48% so far today to $167.9. While below immediate resistance, this move signals building upside momentum for the privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

Looking at key XMR price technical indicators, the 20-day EMA stands at $158 while the 50-day EMA resides at $160.3. With the XMR price above these short and mid-term moving averages, the uptrend remains intact.

Additionally, the XMR price crossed above the 100-day EMA of $161.1, which had previously acted as resistance throughout the consolidation. Now serving as support, the 100-day EMA at $161.1 is closely followed by the 50-day EMA at $160.3. This zone should provide buying interest on any pullbacks.

Momentum has also shifted positively for the XMR price. The RSI jumped to 61.74, up from yesterday’s 54.09 reading. This shows strengthening upside momentum, though still below overbought levels.

The MACD histogram trended higher to 1.8, building on yesterday’s 1.3. This indicates improving bullish sentiment and upside conviction for the XMR price.

As the XMR price challenges resistance at $169-$170, bulls look to extend the emerging uptrend. Acceptance above this zone is needed to open the door for a retest of $180. Near-term support at the EMAs and $161 should contain any dips.

Technical indicators may favor CFX, SUI, and XMR’s upside potential, but crypto presales like Meme Kombat and eTukTuk present alternative avenues for possible big gains. Presales incentivize early participation, providing a chance to buy tokens before exchange listings and possible price jumps.

The Next Big Cryptos: Bitcoin Alternatives Set for Breakout

Bitcoin’s first-mover advantage has cemented its status as the flagship cryptocurrency. Focusing solely on Bitcoin means missing out on new and upcoming cryptocurrencies with breakout potential, however. When looking beyond Bitcoin, opportunities abound for finding the next big thing in crypto.

Getting in early through presale events allows investors to buy tokens at cheaper prices before widespread public availability. Excitement is building around Bitcoin alternatives like Meme Kombat and eTukTuk as their presales attract investors eager to capitalize on major returns if these projects gain traction post-launch.

Presales typically incentivize early participation through perks like discounted token prices, bonus token allocations, and contests with exclusive prizes. These rewards make presales particularly appealing for investors searching for the best crypto to buy today.

Doing your homework and having a diversified crypto portfolio is critical for taking advantage of a market where fresh cryptocurrencies are continually coming onto the scene.

This measured approach allows crypto enthusiasts to evaluate Bitcoin alternatives and identify those set for liftoff. Remaining open-minded is key when considering the next big thing beyond Bitcoin.

Meme Kombat’s $7.65 Million Presale Success Shows it May Be the Best Crypto to Buy Today

The presale for the new meme coin project Meme Kombat is nearing completion, having raised $7.65 million out of a $10 million goal thus far. The presale has attracted widespread interest despite downturns in the wider crypto market, with over 80% of the total $MK token supply already staked.

The $7.6 million milestone has been put to bed!

We keep pushing! $25k giveaway at $8million pic.twitter.com/muZYlQPg4J

— Meme Kombat (@Meme_Kombat) January 28, 2024

Meme Kombat looks to capitalize on the popularity of meme coins by launching a play-to-earn blockchain game that allows users to bet on battles between famous internet memes. The native $MK token will be used for staking, betting, and earning rewards.

With 10,000+ stakers and over 32 million tokens staked so far, Meme Kombat is slated to begin Season 1 immediately after the presale ends. Season 1 will kick off with 11 meme characters battling it out, allowing users to bet and win rewards accordingly. Season 2 is also already planned, promising new characters and gameplay dynamics.

The ability to stake $MK tokens and earn up to 122% APY during the presale has driven substantial interest so far. The project’s roadmap outlines plans for continuous upgrades, community engagement, and potential expansion into new game modes and partnerships.

Despite launching during an overall bear market, Meme Kombat’s presale traction demonstrates meme coins’ enduring popularity and utility when incorporated into blockchain gaming. With the majority of tokens already staked, the $MK token is expected to see strong demand at launch and beyond.

The Meme Kombat presale is set to conclude once the $10 million hard cap is reached, with the platform launch slated for Q1 2024. More information can be found at memekombat.io.

Visit Meme Kombat Now

Green Transport Initiative Makes eTukTuk a Strong Pick for Best Crypto to Buy Today

A new cryptocurrency project prioritizing sustainable transportation solutions has generated interest with a recently launched presale offering. eTukTuk seeks to promote electric auto rickshaws known as tuk-tuks across developing countries as an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-guzzling models.

The presale for eTukTuk’s TUK token has already seen over $620,000 in investments. The project stands out for its real-world goal of reducing pollution from standard tuk-tuks, a favored mode of urban transportation in many nations.

According to eTukTuk, rewards like staking gains of up to 346% APY for holding the TUK token could motivate involvement in the electric vehicle ecosystem. The presale arrives at an opportune moment for participation, with the price per token currently set at $0.026 ahead of an increase.

Alongside manufacturing electric tuk-tuks, eTukTuk will employ blockchain technology for digital IDs, payments, and sharing, while also building charging stations and decentralized renewable energy infrastructure to sustainably power its eco-friendly fleets.

The presale’s momentum comes even as broader crypto markets encounter bearish outlooks. eTukTuk’s unique focus on the intersection of blockchain and environmentalism appears to have resonated with contributors so far.

For eco-conscious crypto investors looking for the best crypto to buy today, eTukTuk presents an intriguing opportunity worth checking.

Visit eTukTuk Now

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