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Based Degen Club’s $BDC Token Soars From $200K to $1.5M in the First 12 Hours

The Based Degen Club’s $BDC token has jumped from $200K to an almost $1.5M market cap within just 12 hours of its launch on April 23, marking a sevenfold increase.

As the Based Degen Club launches the $BDC token, it aims to make wealth creation in cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. Using the Base blockchain, $BDC breaks away from traditional finance to empower more people with decentralized principles.

Based Degen Club Trending

$BDC already shakes the crypto world, with the hashtag #BDC trending on Twitter.

I’ve joined the @BasedDegensClub and grabbed some $BDC tokens! pic.twitter.com/OucQZy2nx9

— Tony G (@TonyGuoga) April 23, 2024

Renowned figures like Tony G (@TonyGuoga) are joining the Based Degen Club.

Tony G is a poker celebrity and the face of CoinPoker, a leading crypto poker site currently running a $1 million giveaway in their CSOP tournament series.

Recent influencer of the year award winner Mando CT (@XMaximist) has also shown strong support by commenting on a tweet, highlighting significant backing from top-tier individuals in the market. Mando has 215k followers.

— MANDO CT (@XMaximist) April 23, 2024

Meme coins like $BDC, characterized by their inspiration from internet memes and cultural references, have demonstrated the potential for significant financial gains, fueled by their widespread appeal and rapid value appreciation. In a time when memes have a big impact, $BDC’s approach has proved to be a savvy business strategy.

What sets $BDC apart is its association with panda memes, which infuse the token with a unique identity and an element of fun. This aims to broaden $BDC’s appeal, attracting a diverse array of investors drawn to its features and investment prospects.

The surge of some Base tokens, valued at a staggering $2 billion, underscores the immense potential for growth within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Within the Ethereum layer-2 network, Base has witnessed an extraordinary doubling of its total value to $2.13 billion in less than a month.

The Based Degen Club remains committed to its mission of fostering a more inclusive and enjoyable crypto experience. With a focus on security, growth, and community, $BDC seeks to eliminate barriers to financial success and usher in a new era of decentralized wealth creation.

Find out more about $BDC at its website degens.world.

View the latest $BDC price chart on DEXTools.


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