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Bahamut Foundation launches Bahamut Grants program with a 10 mln $FTN fund.

Bahamut Foundation introduces its latest initiative, Bahamut Grants, marking a significant leap towards the journey of Web3 evolution.

The available fund for the program is $10 million $FTN with a very flexible distribution. It’s important to note that Bahamut is the preferred blockchain platform of the Fastex Ecosystem, with $FTN as its native token. Bahamut has successfully passed CERTIK and HEXENS security assessments recently.

Grants will be issued to projects built on Bahamut, thus fostering the expansion of businesses on the network. Bahamut is a blockchain platform that has stood out with its game-changing and innovative POSA (Proof of Stake and Activity) consensus, where “activity” refers to the validators’ use of applications created with smart contracts. The activity counts towards increasing the chance of the given validator becoming a block proposer in the future, thus receiving more rewards from our blockchain.

Every individual, business, organization, and researcher is encouraged to apply for the program and pitch their project. This initiative will provide invaluable support and funding to participants, and it is a great opportunity to embark on this journey and create a solid and prospective business on web3. Among Bahamut Foundation’s priority projects are bridges, multi-signature wallets, DEXs, and RNG oracles. It is also important for builders to know that Bahamut supports Solidity programming language to build on the network.

The applications must be submitted via the official Bahamut Grants portal where you can find all the information regarding the program and the application process.

To not miss any updates regarding the Bahamut Foundation and its funding programs, you can join Bahamut’s official website, as well as community channels on Twitter and Discord.

Each application will be welcomed and thoroughly assessed by the Bahamut Foundation.


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