AULT Stock Analysis: Key Factors and Market Outlook

AULT Stock Analysis: Key Factors and Market Outlook

AULT Alliance, Inc., previously known as DPW Holdings, Inc., is a diversified holding company that acquires undervalued assets and disruptive technologies with a global impact. The company operates through a variety of subsidiaries across multiple industries, demonstrating a broad investment and operational scope. Here is the most important data regarding AULT stock.

AULT Stock Analysis: Key Factors 

The recent performance of Ault Alliance, Inc. (AULT) stock suggests a volatile trend in its price movements over the last few days of December 2023. 

Starting on December 22, the AULT stock price will experience a significant decline of 15.20%, dropping to $0.069115. This downward trend will continue through December 23, with a further decrease of 20.30%, bringing the price to $0.064956. 

The decline could deepen on December 24, as the stock price will fall to $0.062988, marking a 22.71% reduction. 

However, there could be a slight rebound on December 25, with the stock recovering slightly to $0.065296, reducing the overall loss to 19.88%.

This pattern of sharp declines followed by a modest recovery will indicate underlying market uncertainties or company-specific challenges. 

Investors will be reacting to recent news, market trends, or changes in the company’s outlook. For those considering investing in AULT, it will be crucial to monitor these fluctuations closely.

According to our current AULT stock forecast, for informational purposes only, the value of Ault Alliance, Inc. shares will rise by 25.09% and reach $ 0.101950 per share by December 22, 2023. According to our technical indicators, the current sentiment is Bearish while the Fear & Greed Index is showing 39 (Fear).

AULT Stock Real Time data

Here are some real time Inc. (AULT) stock data retrieved at the time of this writing.

Previous Close and Opening Price

The stock closed at $0.0880 and opened slightly higher at $0.0910. This indicates a small positive gap between the closing and opening prices, suggesting a bit of positive sentiment or reaction to news or events occurring after the previous close.

Bid and Ask

 The bid price is $0.0848, and the ask price is $0.0857, showing a very narrow spread. This typically indicates good liquidity, meaning the stock can be bought and sold without causing significant price fluctuations.

Day’s and 52-Week Range

The day’s range of $0.0815 to $0.0920 shows some volatility within the session. The 52-week range of $0.0800 to $48.0000 is extremely wide, indicating the stock has experienced significant fluctuations in the past year. This could be due to company-specific news or broader market conditions.

Volume and Average Volume

The trading volume of 14,140,208 is very close to its average volume of 14,233,122. This suggests that the trading activity for the day is in line with its usual trading pattern.

Market Cap

With a market capitalization of $5.751 million, Ault Alliance is classified as a micro-cap stock. Micro-cap stocks are generally considered to be higher risk due to their lower market capitalizations and can be more volatile.

Beta (5Y Monthly)

A beta of 3.72 indicates that the stock is significantly more volatile than the market. A beta greater than 1 suggests higher sensitivity to market movements, meaning the stock price can swing more aggressively compared to the broader market.

Should you invest in AULT stocks?

Deciding whether to invest in Ault Alliance, Inc. (AULT) requires balancing various factors, as highlighted in the analysis.

Positive Aspects

Revenue Projections: AULT’s primary subsidiary, Gresham Worldwide, projects over $50 million in annual revenue by 2024, supported by a current backlog of the same amount. This projection is driven by an increase in global conflicts and demand from Israel and Europe, indicating potential growth in the defense sector.

Opening Price Trend: The stock opened slightly higher than its previous close, suggesting some positive sentiment.

Liquidity: The narrow bid-ask spread indicates good liquidity, making it easier to buy and sell shares without significant price impact.


Recent Volatility: The stock shows a volatile trend, with significant declines followed by a slight recovery. This pattern points to market uncertainties and potential company-specific challenges.

Micro-Cap Risks: As a micro-cap stock, AULT carries higher risk due to its lower market capitalization, which can lead to more volatility.

High Beta: With a beta of 3.72, AULT is much more volatile than the market, suggesting that its stock price can experience aggressive swings.

Bearish Sentiment: Current technical indicators show a bearish sentiment, and the Fear & Greed Index indicates ‘Fear’, suggesting market skepticism.

AULT stock forecast

AULT alliance stock prediction suggests a 25.09% rise in stock value by December 25, 2023, but this optimistic outlook should be weighed against the current bearish sentiment and the stock’s volatility.

Investment Considerations

Risk Tolerance: AULT might be suitable for investors with a high tolerance for risk and volatility.
Market Trends and Company Performance: Continuous monitoring of market trends and company-specific developments is crucial.
Diversification: If considering AULT, it should be part of a diversified portfolio to mitigate risks associated with its volatility and micro-cap nature.
Long-Term Perspective: Given the projected revenue growth in the defense sector, a long-term investment perspective might be more appropriate.


Investing in AULT could offer growth potential, especially given its promising revenue projections in the defense sector. However, its recent volatility and the broader market’s bearish sentiment suggest that it carries significant risk. Investors should carefully consider their risk tolerance and investment strategy, and possibly seek advice from a financial professional, before deciding to invest in Ault Alliance, Inc.

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