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6 Best Crypto Patreon Groups to Join in 2024

For crypto investors looking to gain an edge in the market, joining the right Patreon groups can be a game-changer.

These exclusive communities provide valuable insights, market analysis, and trading strategies from veterans in the space.

In this guide, we’ll explore six of the best crypto Patreon groups that promise to elevate your knowledge (and potentially returns) in 2024.

Best 6 Cryptocurrency Patreon Groups Ranked

Listed below are six of the top Patreon crypto groups to consider joining, thanks to their extensive industry expertise, proven track records, and commitment to providing actionable info:

TodayTrader – Overall Best Crypto Patreon Group
Jacob’s Crypto Clan – Popular Crypto Patreon Group for Real-Time Trading Signals
Crypto Gains – Huge Crypto Patreon Group with Tiers for Every Budget
Krypto Cove – Crypto Patreon Group Focused on Short Content
Crypto Seth – Well-Known YouTuber Offering Crypto Patreon Group
Bitcoin Ben – Best Free Crypto Patreon Group

While these groups offer valuable perspectives, investors should always conduct their own due diligence and never blindly follow recommendations without considering the risks involved.

Best Crypto Patreon Groups Reviewed

The best crypto Patreon groups offer technical analysis, market insights, and a community of like-minded people passionate about digital currencies. These groups essentially aim to help members navigate the crypto landscape – and enable them to make more informed trading decisions.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the top Patreon communities for digital asset investors and what crypto tips they offer members:

1. TodayTrader – Overall Best Crypto Patreon Group

For those seeking to master crypto trading strategies, look no further than the TodayTrader Patreon group. Helmed by Mark Kelly, a stock trader turned crypto investor, this community offers all members a comprehensive suite of benefits.

One of TodayTrader’s standout features is its “sniper trade signals,” allowing members to capitalize on market opportunities immediately. These signals are backed by in-depth technical analysis and fundamentals, helping members make better trading decisions.

Additionally, TodayTrader’s Patreon grants early access to exclusive content, including video posts and trade alerts, ensuring members are the first to know about potential market-moving events. This early access is similar to what some of the best crypto Telegram groups offer.

But TodayTrader goes beyond just sharing knowledge: there’s also a strong focus on community. Through interactive features like patron-only voting and live trading rooms, members can engage with their peers, exchange ideas, and learn from a collective pool of expertise.

Multiple pricing tiers exist, from the $1/month “Crypto Enthusiast” level for those seeking basic access to the all-encompassing $97/month “Crypto Partner” tier. This latter tier unlocks exclusive benefits, including personal setup calls, weekly mastermind sessions, and much more.

So, whether you’re looking to invest in the top trending cryptocurrencies or are interested in meeting like-minded people, the TodayTrader Patreon group promises to be an invaluable resource.

TodayTrader has also recently released a crypto course explaining how snipe early entries in new crypto launches.

2. Jacob’s Crypto ClanPopular Crypto Patreon Group for Real-Time Trading Signals

Jacob’s Crypto Clan is another of the top crypto Patreon groups to consider. Led by Jacob Bury, who happens to have one of the best crypto YouTube channels with over 37,000 subscribers, this group offers trading insights, educational resources, and a network of investors all looking to improve their skills.

This group promises regular trading signals for both spot and leverage trading. These signals are crafted by Jacob and allow members to take advantage of market opportunities as soon as they arise. With up to 500 signals per month (for the Crypto Legend tier), members get a steady flow of potential opportunities.

Beyond signals, Jacob’s Crypto Clan is a group that supports traders of all levels. Newcomers can benefit from the educational resources, including video tutorials, live classrooms, and an e-book created by Jacob himself.

Higher membership tiers unlock additional benefits for those seeking exclusivity and early access. From presale whitelisting to insider info on ultra-low-cap projects, members can get in on the ground floor of promising ventures before the masses do.

However, what truly sets Jacob’s Crypto Clan apart is the sense of community it offers. This Patreon has one of the best crypto Discord groups on our list, where members can engage in lively discussions and build connections with fellow crypto enthusiasts.

Finally, Jacob’s Crypto Clan caters to diverse needs and budgets with multiple price tiers ranging from $10.50 to $103.50 per month. For that reason, it’s undoubtedly one of the best crypto Patreon groups to subscribe to this year.

3. Crypto GainsHuge Crypto Patreon Group with Tiers for Every Budget

The Crypto Gains Patreon group is another option for new and experienced investors. Led by a charismatic and passionate YouTuber, this group offers real-time alerts, in-depth analysis, and a network of retail investors.

Like the two groups discussed above, Crypto Gains offers buy, sell, and take-profit alerts. These alerts provide a glimpse into the creator’s trading activities, allowing members to stay ahead of the curve.

But Crypto Gains goes further than trading signals. The community offers educational resources like crypto guides, tutorials, and spreadsheets. From understanding technical analysis to mastering trading strategies, these resources help traders of all experience levels navigate the crypto market effectively.

However, what truly sets Crypto Gains apart is the sense of exclusivity it provides. Through the “VIP Lounge” and “Stealth Buy Alerts” sections, higher-tier members gain early access to content before it reaches the broader public. This exclusivity offers a potential advantage in a market where timing is everything.

Crypto Gains’ pricing tiers range from $1.50/month to $551.50/month, ensuring an option for every budget alongside his free crypto YouTube videos.

So, whether it’s the best crypto projects to hold long-term or hidden gems ahead of the next bull cycle, Crypto Gains’ Patreon aims to give its members a leg up in the market.

4. Krypto CoveCrypto Patreon Group Focused on Short Content

Next on our list is Krypto Cove, designed for those feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of the crypto market. Led by a top crypto influencer dedicated to simplifying advanced topics, this Patreon community offers a library of short, simple, and easy-to-understand tutorials covering a range of crypto-related topics.

From navigating airdrops and DeFi to mastering dApps and the best crypto wallets, Krypto Cove’s concise (yet comprehensive) tutorials are in high demand. With a focus on accessibility, this community can be joined for just $5 per month – and for free for those happy to view ads.

Although Krypto Cove posts less regularly than the three Patreon groups mentioned above, it is still an excellent resource for those seeking to unlock the potential of the DeFi space. For that reason, Krypto Cove is suitable for all investors, regardless of their experience level.

5. Crypto SethWell-Known YouTuber Offering Crypto Patreon Group

Crypto Seth’s Patreon community is all about gaining an edge in the crypto market. This isn’t just another place to get generic content – it’s an inner circle where members receive real-time alerts on buying, selling, accumulating, and staking opportunities directly from Seth himself.

For those unaware, Crypto Seth is a YouTube personality with over 23,000 followers. He posts regular breakdowns on the best altcoins and micro-cap tokens, with many of his videos receiving 20,000+ views.

However, Crypto Seth’s Patreon group takes things one step further than his YouTube channel. The group offers private webinars, portfolio breakdowns, cheat sheets, and even Q&A sessions where investors can get personal guidance.

With a diverse toolkit of resources and a sense of exclusivity, Crypto Seth’s Patreon is ideal for crypto enthusiasts who want to take their game to a new level.

6. Bitcoin BenBest Free Crypto Patreon Group

Rounding off our list of the top Patreon crypto groups is Bitcoin Ben – a down-to-earth trucker who’s made it his mission to bring cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. His Patreon community is the ideal destination for those looking to level up their crypto game, especially during and after the Bitcoin halving event.

What makes Ben’s Patreon special is that it offers a free tier packed with valuable content and resources. But for crypto diehards, the paid tiers unlock an entire universe of perks – from real-time alerts and analysis to private webinars and Q&As with Ben himself.

As Bitcoin continues its volatile path, having a trusted guide like Bitcoin Ben could make all the difference. His passion for simplifying crypto is contagious, and with a laidback and approachable personality, engaging with his content is an enjoyable experience for all. 

How to Find the Best Crypto Patreon Groups

Finding the best crypto Patreon group to join can be a challenging task, since there are hundreds of options to choose from. Here are some strategies to help identify groups that align with your goals and preferences:

Leverage the Crypto Network

The crypto community is tight-knit, and word-of-mouth can be a powerful tool. Reach out to fellow enthusiasts, traders, or investors on social media and ask for recommendations. A good resource would be the best crypto Twitter accounts, which tend to have a grasp on popular educational resources in the space.

Scour Reddit & Discord

Following on from the recommendations on Twitter, dive into crypto-focused Reddit threads and Discord servers to find mentions of top-rated Patreon groups. Communities on these platforms tend to openly discuss (and criticize) influential traders and analysts. Look for recurring mentions of specific creators – this is usually a good sign.

Evaluate the Creator’s Reputation

Before committing to a Patreon group, research the creator or team behind it. Look for factors such as:

Industry experience and expertise
Consistent track record of delivering value
Transparency and commitment to ethical practices
Engagement with the community
Responsiveness to feedback

Reputable creators often have a strong online presence, whether on Twitter or Instagram, making it easier to assess their value.

Consider Your Specific Needs & Goals

Unsurprisingly, different Patreon groups cater to various needs and investment styles. Some may focus on technical analysis, while others prioritize uncovering the best meme coins to buy.

This is why it’s crucial to identify your goals ahead of time. Are you a seasoned trader seeking an edge, a newcomer looking to learn the basics, or an investor interested solely in low-cap tokens?

Here are some factors to consider:

Type of content and resources offered (analysis, signals, tutorials, etc.)
Level of access and exclusivity (tiers, early releases, private Discord servers)
Community engagement and networking opportunities
Pricing and value proposition

By considering these factors, you’ll be better equipped to sift through the best crypto Patreon groups and find ones that truly resonate with your needs.

Why Join Cryptocurrency Patreon Groups?

As highlighted in this guide, joining a Patreon crypto group can provide access to top crypto trading strategies, real-time signals, and a wealth of educational materials. But these are just some of the benefits.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at why you may wish to use a crypto Patreon teacher in 2024:

Gain an Informational Edge

Access to timely and accurate information can be the difference in the crypto market. Crypto Patreon groups offer a direct line to insiders, analysts, and experienced traders who can provide insights that may not be readily available elsewhere.

Just like having a knowledgeable guide on a hike through unfamiliar terrain, these groups can help you navigate the crypto market with confidence.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

As most traders will know, the crypto market moves fast, with new projects and technologies emerging all the time. Patreon groups can act as an early “warning system,” keeping you informed about the latest developments, risks, and opportunities before they hit the mainstream.

For example, the rise of Real World Assets (RWAs) was likely discussed on Patreon long before gaining widespread attention. Considering RWAs have become one of the biggest crypto narratives of the year so far, this highlights the value of being part of a well-established Patreon group.

Access Exclusive Opportunities

Many top-tier Patreon groups offer their members exclusive access to the best crypto presales, airdrops, and other lucrative opportunities that may be unavailable to the general public. For example, members of the “Crypto Champion” tier on Jacob’s Crypto Clan received early access to projects that soared over 1,900% from their presale price.

This level of exclusivity can be thought of as having a backstage pass to a concert. You get to experience something truly unique and potentially valuable, while the masses do not.

Community & Networking

Beyond the informational benefits, crypto Patreon groups serve as communities where like-minded individuals can connect, share ideas, and learn from one another. This peer-to-peer interaction can be invaluable – especially for those new to the crypto world.

Additionally, joining a Patreon group can open up opportunities for direct engagement with industry experts. A great example is the TodayTrader Patreon group, where members of the “Crypto Partner” tier receive weekly mastermind sessions with Mark Kelly.

Best Crypto Patreon Groups – Conclusion

To conclude, navigating the crypto market can be daunting, especially for beginners. That’s why joining a reputable and well-established Patreon group is often a wise move.

We recommend checking out the TodayTrader Patreon group, which offers many benefits for novice and experienced traders. From regular trading signals to direct engagement with industry experts, this community provides the tools necessary to succeed in crypto.

Best Crypto Patreon Groups FAQs

What is the best crypto Patreon group?

While opinions will vary, the TodayTrader Patreon group stands out for its comprehensive analysis, affordable membership tiers, and proven track record.

Are crypto Patreon groups safe?

Crypto Patreon groups can be safe if they’re run by reputable individuals or organizations with a strong commitment to transparency. However, members should always do their own research before joining any group.

Which is the largest crypto Patreon group?

Some of the largest and most popular crypto Patreon groups include Crypto Gains, Crazy 4 Cryptos, and Jon. However, many groups choose to hide their member count, so there may be larger communities operating privately.


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