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5 Best Crypto to Buy that Twitter Influencers Back to Explode in 2024

Investors are rushing to position for a strong 2024. Crypto Twitter influencers are sharing their picks for the year’s most explosive assets. Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 cryptos to buy, according to these influencers.

Numerous catalysts are prepping for a 2024 bull cycle in crypto. These include an expected Bitcoin ETF approval around January 10 and the Bitcoin Halving event in late April.

With crypto influencers consistently leading the conversation, the focus has shifted. The question now is not if there will be a bull run, but rather, what are the best cryptos to buy?

Best Crypto To Buy For 2024 As Recommended By Crypto Influencers

Breaking down our list of the top 5 best crypto to buy for 2024 as recommended by crypto influencers, there is a plethora of opportunities waiting for the emboldened investor – from airdrops to BRC-20 tokens – lets dig in.

Best Crypto to Buy #5 – Celestia (TIA)

Amongst the most highly anticipated launches of 2023, Celestia’s TIA airdrop emerged as a favored play amongst crypto influencers throughout the past year, and this carries over into the year ahead.

$TIA was what we thought $DYDX would be for @cosmos

So far @CelestiaOrg brought more users to cosmos than any other new chain.

I see 3 digits for $TIA in the next bull run

— Hokage (@73lV_) January 8, 2024

Noting the dramatic growth that TIA has brought to the Cosmos ecosystem over this time, and bolstered by the easy-development potential of Celestia’s modular blockchain framework, it is no surprise that Celestia lands in the top 5.

Best Crypto to Buy #4 – Oasis (ROSE)

Leading privacy oriented layer-1 solution Oasis has seen native token ROSE emerge as a prime contender for major growth in 2024, and influencers are taking note.

$30,000,000 of $ROSE is no joke.

This is a serious entity that clearly has massive belief in it, they are investing knowing it’s going higher.

Could it be @Grayscale?

> They know an ETF is coming for #Bitcoin
> They probably know an #Ethereum ETF is coming (they were the… https://t.co/fsRNrZ2WnN pic.twitter.com/AdWRRzfl7D

— Eric Cryptoman (@EricCryptoman) January 7, 2024

Rumors are now circulating in the crypto gossip mill, that there could be a large-scale accumulation underway by crypto giant Grayscale, this comes following the news that they have applied to launch a $250m PrivFi (privacy finance) ETF amongst clues of serious accumulation by whales.

#3 – Solana (SOL)

Strong performer of 2021, Solana has seen SOL price rally hard into 2024, amid widespread growth in the Solana ecosystem – now stood as the 3rd largest Layer-1 solution, SOL’s market cap is on the verge of pipping Binance Smart Chain (and native BNB token) for the second place.

after the giant SOL pump, the giant flaming hot ball of money is rotating to….


that’s right.

the hat stays on.
the phone stays on.
and the money stays on.

— Alex Wice (@AWice) December 24, 2023

Solana’s significant growth has been largely driven by high gas fees on Ethereum. These fees have started to push away smaller retail traders due to costly transactions. This shift positions low-cost Solana for considerable growth in 2024, particularly in the memecoin markets.

#2 – Realio (RIO)

With crypto markets turning bullish, savvy investors are scouting for potential breakout stories for the upcoming year. A key growth area in crypto is real-world assets (RWAs/Security Tokens). These tokens offer round-the-clock liquidity by transforming previously illiquid assets into tradable tokens.

A standout project in this sector is Realio’s RIO token. It seeks to tokenize global properties and real estate assets. RIO is already gaining traction among top crypto Twitter influencers, setting the stage for a significant RIO surge in 2024.

Why I’m ULTRA bullish on $RIO?!?

Real estate is by far the largest asset class in the world. The global real estate market is expected to reach a valuation of $6T by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 5.32% in average from now.

Tokenization solves many problems we are facing… pic.twitter.com/ZODEWtS9o6

— 𝐃𝐞𝐅𝐢.𝐏𝐨𝐩𝐞 (@AlphaCryptOmega) January 8, 2024

Number One Token for 2024 – Ordi Coin (ORDI)

Finally, coming in at number 1, is Ordi Coin (ORDI), which holds special status not only as the first BRC-20 Ordinal token, but also because of the rapidly approaching major events for Bitcoin in 2024 – including Bitcoin Spot ETFs and the Bitcoin halving event tipped for late April.

Last long I’m in for the day, $ORDI. Looks like it wants to take off vertically with $BTC. (My btc beta play). pic.twitter.com/OsgW0ahoMz

— VikingXBT (@VikingXBT) January 3, 2024

ORDI has emerged as a favored so-called ‘beta play’ amongst crypto influencers on crypto Twitter, these are coins that will pump in sequence with larger tied-coins, whilst boasting the opportunity to outperform the bigger asset due to lower market caps.

But while tradable coins offer alluring opportunities, presales offer more reliably substantive returns to early backers – and one such coin presale trending amongst influencers is Meme Kombat.

Meme Kombat Explodes Over $6.3M Raised In Skyrocketing Presale – Don’t Miss Out

Meet Meme Kombat, a trailblazing initiative that has seamlessly blended the memetic love of nostalgic gaming, and GambleFi, into a decentralized Web3 platform.

So, what makes Meme Kombat tick, and why should potential investors keep a keen eye on this presale?

The essence of Meme Kombat lies in its captivating arena where characters aiming to tap into deeply tribal crypto communities lock horns.

Players have the liberty to place their bets on these animated battles, predicting the outcomes and possibly reaping attractive rewards.

With a sturdy promise of Season 1 showcasing 11 distinct meme characters, there’s no shortage of action, and Season 2 is already on the horizon for December 2023.

The Meme Kombat Discord Community is officially live

Join in on the fun right now: https://t.co/BGTtwatlMS pic.twitter.com/A6S6ngV1Ye

— Meme Kombat (@Meme_Kombat) January 8, 2024

The decentralized nature of the project, combined with the thrill of AI-driven battles, ensures that the outcomes are both transparent and unpredictable.

Meme Kombat Pits Meme Communities in High Octane Staking Battles

The project isn’t just about excitement; it’s built on a foundation of trust – Meme Kombat’s commitment to transparency is evident through initiatives like the impending security audit of their smart contract.

The findings of this audit will soon be public, a move that many projects shy away from.

The founder and project lead, Matt Whiteman, isn’t an unknown entity in the crypto space.

His experience spanning two decades in process design, combined with his position as the COO of North Technologies, adds credibility to Meme Kombat.

When so many projects hide behind the veil of anonymity, Whiteman’s open profile and the project’s physical address in Amsterdam offer an extra layer of trustworthiness.

The tokenomics of Meme Kombat  hold strong appeal for potential investors. You can stake the Meme Kombat ($MK) token, currently priced at an attractive $0.279, to enter a rewarding ecosystem.

This ecosystem offers a generous APY of 148%. Stakers benefit from passive income and have the unique opportunity to use their staked tokens for betting in the arena. This dual functionality – earning while gaming – distinguishes Meme Kombat.

Additionally, your engagement on the platform directly impacts your potential earnings. The more you participate, the more you can gain.

The booming GambleFi industry, highlighted by coins like Rollbit, positions Meme Kombat to effectively capitalize on this market with its unique approach.

Merging memes, gaming, and blockchain, the platform offers a fresh perspective to the crypto community.

Meme Kombat presents a too-good-to-miss opportunity for those seeking to diversify their portfolio with something unique – (stay tuned with the MK Telegram).

Embrace the future of meme-based gaming and betting with Meme Kombat.

Buy Meme Kombat Here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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