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3 Analysts Tip This New Green AI Coin as Best Crypto To Buy Now

The blockchain industry, alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI), is increasingly contributing to the fight against climate change, and eTukTuk is a notable example.

eTukTuk is a blockchain-based green project that has raised over $680,000 in its ongoing token sale.

Beyond manufacturing electric tuk-tuks, eTukTuk leverages AI and blockchain technology to enhance its TUK token’s utility.

The project’s broader goals include reducing carbon footprints, addressing CO2-related health issues, and promoting financial inclusion worldwide, especially in developing countries.

Per the project’s website, this is “the AI-integrated, eco-friendly future of transportation.” It brings electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVSE) to developing countries.

The project’s network will be powered by the sharing economy and operates on the BNB Chain.

Visit eTukTuk Here

The TUK token, integral to a project promoting green transportation through AI research, is a key earning tool for users.

As a BEP-20 token on the BNB Chain, TUK has a capped supply of 2 billion, with a hard cap for the project set at $5,693,500. Currently available only via its official presale at $0.026 per token, although this price is expected to rise as it progresses through the fundraising.

The token will power the entire ecosystem and offer its holders long-term rewards in the form of Power Staking.

Additionally, TUK will exist alongside fiat to ease the entry barrier for the unbanked.


Stay tuned for more such updates on EVs and Clean Energy.

— eTukTuk (@eTukTukio) January 17, 2024

Among other commenters, three analysts have recently discussed this project, its potential, and possible price targets. Notably, all three have indicated that the TUK token and the entire ecosystem have a significant long-term potential.

Read on to learn what they had to say.

Cilinix Crypto – A Lot of Potential Long-Term

Cilinix Crypto opined that this is “a real project” with “real utility” and potential value.

“Other presales really rely on FOMO and hype to do well,” he said. eTukTuk relies on its platform, instead – the actual product.

That said, while eTukTuk is “doing great” and is raising money, some amount of hype is still necessary, Clinix Crypto argued.

This presale “could actually have potential,” he argued, depending on whether they deliver a product and how much it ends up being used.

“The big strategy for me with this presale is to hold it long-term.”

This is due to the yield percentage, which stands above 500% a year. Also, staking increases rewards.

The token will do particularly well if there is more hype before the launch ends, he added. If they do well at launch, then both short-term and long-term strategies are beneficial.

The project’s social media sites are active, regularly updated, and have notable engagement. Furthermore, eTukTuk already has “a ton” of investors and partners.

Cilinix Crypto also noted that eTukTuk is creating a play-to-earn (P2E) game, thus incorporating many of the large narratives in the product: AI, blockchain, and gaming.

Michael Wrubel – Targeting a Large and Affordable Market

Michael Wrubel went deeper into the elements that will comprise eTukTuk’s ecosystem. These include an affordable electric vehicle, an AI-powered Driver App, a charging network, a token, and a game. Notably, they will all exist to solve a problem (as described above).

Going through the tokencomics and project info, Wrubel opined that all the ecosystem components intertwine and will be useful long-term, “especially with what we’re seeing with regulations all around the world.”

As for TUK, it can be purchased with fiat, USDT, or BNB, and connected to an Ethereum wallet. This is a part of its multichain approach.

Therefore, holders will benefit as the ecosystem grows, says Wrubel. It will help the token’s value increase in the long term.

He noted that the countries where this ecosystem is the most necessary – such as certain Asian countries – are a lot more populated than the rest of the world.

That said, eTukTuk will start in Sri Lanka, a country with a population of over 22 million and a region where tuk-tuks are immensely popular.

And while most companies focus on four-wheel cars, the largest sector of the market, Wrubel said, are two- and three-wheel vehicles.

Therefore, eTukTuk’s targeting a much larger and more affordable market.

Jacob Crypto Bury – TUK Could See a Significant Price Rise by the End of 2024

TUK is a 10x potential crypto, said Jacob Crypto Bury in his recent video.

Discussing price prediction per Techopedia, he found that TUK could attract more users and reach $0.075 by the end of 2024.

By the end of 2025, this could go up to $0.17 (7x), as well as $0.88 by 2030 (30x), according to Jacob.

Stating that he is bullish on the project, Jacob added that he has “never seen anything like it before.” He complemented eTukTuk’s use case, the fundamentals, and utility.

He also noted the big names in the crypto space joining the project as partners and investors. These include Minswap, Yoroi Wallet, CyberConnect, CMG, Wachsman, and many others.

eTukTuk has been audited, showing notable risk management from the team.

Jacob went through the project’s tokenomics and whitepaper as well, noting that it has a randomized mechanism to prevent a large amount of the token from being released any single day or going to a single individual who could go on to sell large quantities of TUK.

Visit eTukTuk Here

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