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sub0 Reveals Agenda and Speaker Line-up for Next Iteration of Annual Polkadot Developer Conference in Asia


Bangkok, Thailand (February 1, 2024) – The Polkadot Developer Conference, sub0, has announced the full agenda and final speaker lineup for its annual conference at Lhong 1919, in Bangkok, Thailand on March 12th and 13th, inviting ingenuity, collaboration and further Web3 development to Asia.

sub0 serves as the focal point for Web3 innovators and developers building at every level of the Polkadot tech stack, from custom layer-1 blockchains to dapps and smart contracts, infrastructure, tooling, cross-chain interoperability solutions, and more. The conference will facilitate developers and new entrants to Web3 in learning how to leverage Polkadot’s secure, flexible, composable, efficient, cost-effective blockspace, and understand why it’s crucial for the success of the wider Web3 industry.

sub0 will see rust developers, blockchain engineers, smart contract developers, students, and developers making the transition from Web2 to Web3, gathering to discuss the most prevalent topics across the Polkadot ecosystem. All virtual sessions will include translation services via subtitles on the live stream in Vietnamese, Thai and Mandarin. Those joining in-person who need the translations can watch the live stream via the Polkadot event app which is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Presentations will take place virtually and in person, across four simultaneously running stages in two zones.

Starter Space – for those new to Polkadot, Substrate, Web3, and blockchain

Builder Space – for builders already familiar, or already building on the Polkadot or Substrate tech stack

Pauline Cohen Vorms, Head of Polkadot Blockchain Academy, said: “sub0 is where Web3 innovators and visionary builders come together to work on groundbreaking ideas, and collectively stay ahead of the curve. Not only is sub0 aimed at those already building on the Polkadot tech stack, but it is a comprehensive onboarding for newcomers to the space – with half of the event focusing on this emerging developer sector. We have seen APAC take the lead in Web3 game development in recent years, and by holding this year’s event in Bangkok, we hope to tap into this emerging developer force and together push the boundaries of the Web3 space.”

Alongside established figures from the burgeoning Polkadot community, this year’s agenda features talks from over 70 technical trailblazers from across the Web3 industry – the list of speakers can be found here.

There are also meeting rooms and a networking area, and the Polkadot Events app will allow attendees to personalize their sub0 experience and easily connect with other members of the community, both those in Bangkok and those joining sub0 virtually. For the latest updates, follow @Polkadotsub0 on X or visit sub0.polkadot.network.


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Polkadot is the blockspace ecosystem for boundless innovation. It enables Web3’s biggest innovators to get their ideas to market fast, with flexible costs and the industry’s most flexible token options. By making blockchain technology secure, composable, flexible, efficient, and cost-effective, Polkadot is powering the movement for a better web.

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